Dear Diary – An Interactive Story About Anna’s Secrets (yup, that’s the full title!) is a really well written interactive story where you control Anna’s fate by making some important choices for her, choices that completely and permanently change Anna’s destiny: from failed classes to super-successful dates, it’s all based on the choices that you make! And that’s really tough, because you never know what the consequences of your choices will be.

Dear Diary for iPhone and iPad uses a keys mechanic to let you unlock new pages. In other words, if you want to see the next page in Anna’s diary, you need to use a key. And keys are awarded at a slow pace of one per day, so you should generally be very patient when it comes to progressing through the story.

But we are here to help with some Dear Diary cheats to get more keys for free and extremely easy! So read on and you’ll have more:

1. First method does not involve real cheating. All you have to do is to take advantage of the free offer that the game comes with: watch a video ad and you will get a free key! That’s as easy as it gets, but you won’t have a ton of videos left – still, it’s better than nothing!

2. The second method involves a bit of cheating and might be fixed in an upcoming patch. But until then, it works: it’s called the “time lapse cheat” and all you have to do is to manually set the time forward one day. Here is how to do it:

Go to your device’s settings and under the General tab, tap Date & Time and uncheck the “Set Automatically” option. Then set the date manually one day forward. Go to the game, and you will have one key. You can now set the time back to its normal value, then play the game. Repeat when needed to get free keys in Dear Diary – An Interactive Story About Anna’s Secrets.

3. Alternately, you can always pay for more keys – they are sold in bundles of 5, which means that you can get 5 pages in a pack. This greatly supports the developers of the game, so make sure that you use this option to help them pay for the bills too!

So these would be the methods to get free keys in Dear Diary for the iPhone and iPad. I hope this helps and you’ll make the best choices for Anna!


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