Deadly Dash is an insanely addictive game available for iPhone and iPad, a game that managed to offer me just as much satisfaction as it delivered frustration and stress. Which, oddly, is a good thing today and even more, I believe that I am not the only one in that situation. So for all game addicts out there, I have prepared a Deadly Dash cheats and tips strategy guide to help you master all levels.

I know that this is mostly a skill game and I really can’t help you with that, but there are some things I might help with, so let’s get on moving and let’s check out the Deadly Dash cheats and tips below in hopes that your game will get better!

1. Learn what to do in all stages
Deadly Dash is a game that you have to play over and over again if you want to master it. So don’t worry if you don’t get far after your first or second try! Use these tries to learn each stage and be prepared in the future. Practice your jumps, know what you have to do and then, with a full set of lives, go for it. If you’re not prepared, you will fail.

2. Find markers for jumps
The moment when you jump is just as important as the type of jump you’re choosing – low or high – and usually you need perfect timing to go through the multiple stages. You can often find markers in each stage to tell you when to jump – a nook in the background, a line on the floor: anything that can help you know exactly when is the right time to jump will be insanely helpful!

3. Use free continues wisely
You can watch videos to get free continues (and 5 new lives), but use them wisely. Only do so when you know exactly what you have to do in order to complete the level and when you are sure you will pass the level with the continue. I would never use one, for example, unless I were at the last or second to last stage, because you don’t have infinite free continues! So make them count when you use them!

4. Don’t wait to land to jump again
One of the things that held me back for quite a while was the fact that I usually waited for my creature to land before jumping again, but that’s not a must. Even though the graphics are made in such a way that you are tempted to believe that you have to land first before jumping, in reality you don’t – so make sure that you jump at the right time, not when the character lands!

5. Replay the levels over and over again
If you want to master the game and not only cruise through the stages, you have to replay the same level over and over again until you get the three stars – which is nearly impossible, since you can’t lose lives. However, this is the only way to do it: replay and then replay some more. You will know exactly what you will have to do, and even then you will make mistakes, but eventually you will manage to do it!

6. Take breaks
If you’re starting to get very angry or frustrated, put the game down and take a break. When you are angry, you won’t perform well and the only thing you’ll manage to do is to get yourself even more frustrated and upset. Put the game away for 5 minutes, cool down a bit and you’ll see that you will perform a lot better than you did before.

If you have any problems with getting past a specific stage in a level, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you solve that tricky puzzle!


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