The town has been completely overrun, and you are last remaining survivor. Do what it takes to survive! Dead Town is a roguelike top-down survival game. You’ll need to scavenge the town for supplies and materials during the day, because when night falls the zombies become ravenous! We’ll get you up to speed with our Dead Town cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Dead Town is an open-ended game, which means you can play however you like. You don’t have to follow this guide 100%, but it is meant as a head start guide. Let’s get started with our Dead Town Ultimate Survival Guide!

1. Wood and Ax!

The first and most important task you have whenever you start a new run is to find wood, and find it fast! Wood can be found by scavenging, but you can also get it from trees. Trees look like bushes because of the top-down view, but when you get close to them they’ll fade out and show you the stump.

If you attack the stump, you have a small chance to get some wood. Do this until you have 10 wood, then start looking for Stone. Stone can be found through scavenging; make sure to search trash bins. Once you get 5 stone you can craft a Heavy Stone Axe. This axe swings slow and does less damage than your starting dagger, but its main purpose is to get you more wood. Attacking a tree with an axe equipped gives you more wood than using anything else.

2. Crafting and fire!

Once you’ve gotten some more wood, say about 30, you can start settling down. You’ve probably already done some scavenging in addition to your logging, so by now it’s probably sunset. It’s time to hole up in a building! There are tons of houses in the town, and they’re the best place to stay in. Try to pick a small house as they only have three to four entrances. The large buildings many more doors, making them harder to defend.

A tree nearby the house would be ideal as well. Under the placeable category in the crafting menu, you can make a Craft Desk and a Campfire. The Craft Desk allows you to craft better items while the campfire gives you light and lets you cook raw or frozen food.

3. Arm yourself!

Now that you’ve got a Craft Desk, you can make some better weapons. Here’s a couple we recommend to start out with:

  • The Baseball Bat only need 10 wood to craft, and it has 50 attack and 10 rate of fire, meaning it’s a straight upgrade from the starting dagger. As you can imagine it also has much longer reach, making it safer to use. Try to make a bat right away as it’ll be your go-to melee weapon for a while.
  • The Bow requires 10 wood and 5 cloth, which can be found from scavenging. The bow is perfect weapon to use while scavenging during the day. Unlike the firearms, the bow is completely silent. To use it you need to tap and hold the attack button. Wait for the draw to finish, then a black line will show up. Because it takes a few seconds to draw, the bow is not suitable for frantic attacks. Another advantage is that you can pick your arrows back up! Slain zombies will drop any arrows stuck in them so you can just walk over them to pick them back up.

4. Defend!

If you’re fast enough, you should be near night time with some wood left over. The craft desk lets you build Wooden Barricade and Wooden Door, both of which are invaluable for defending a house. Make sure to place the door on the inside of the house so you have room for the barricade to go on the outside. The first wave of zombies should come at this point, so prepare yourself! Zombies will get stuck on the barricades and they’ll have to slowly chew through them. You can smack them safely using your bat, or take ’em out one by one with the bow.

Remember that you will automatically repair damaged structures by simply standing near them. If you see a structure with a crossed hammer icon above it, it’s being repaired by you. The beginning waves of zombies do not outdamage your repair speed, so you can safely sit on a barricade/door and mow ’em down!

5. Eat up!

You might have to take a snack break in the middle of night. It’s very important to keep your hunger levels up! If your hunger meter completely drains, you’ll start losing health. When it’s not empty, you’ll automatically regenerate health over time.

Hopefully you’ve found some frozen meals or raw meat, as you can cook them over the campfire to make them safe to eat. You can also get berries from chopping trees, but they only restore a little bit of hunger.

6. Skills and Scavenging!

Congratulations! If everything goes well, you will have survived your first night. The next step to take is to repair/replace any damaged structures, eat up, and head out. You earn a skill point every time you level up, so here’s a couple of skills we thought were handy:

  • The Thief skill in the Craft tree increases your chance of finding random items on the ground, as well as more supply boxes. This one is pretty self-explanatory! There are more item finding skills that pertain to specifics, like the Chef skill that lets you find food more often.
  • The Patience skill in the Survival tree slows down your hunger meter. Early on you might be hurting for food, and this skill is incredibly helpful.
  • Skills in Fighting tree involve weaponry and your damage. These skills you’ll have to choose on your own, as they’re all fitted for a specific type of weapon.

Once you’ve picked a good set of skills, it’s time to scavenge! Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind:

  • Item spawns aren’t completely random. If you walk into a large building, take a look around and try to tell what kind of building it is. For example, the grocery stores have cans and bags of food lying around. Food items are more likely to spawn in here. If you find an important building, make sure to make a mental note of it on your map.
  • Zombies detect you mainly through sound. When you walk, notice that an aura radiates from you. The further you tilt the virtual stick, the faster and louder you walk. If you want to sneak past zombies, make sure to walk slowly. You’ll notice your aura shrink in response. Also, don’t go firing off any loud guns! (Use the bow, like we mentioned!)

That’s all for our Dead Town survival guide! If you’ve got any more survival tips, let us know in the comments below! Good luck survivors!


    • Craft a nuclear reactor then craft the battery box near it. the battery box will charge up with N.R. but you will need many N.R.s to charge it fast

  1. Few questions.
    1. purpose of golden axe and katana
    2. How to use rail gun
    3. How to know the damage dealt by turret
    4. What’s the tunnels lead to

    • 1.Golden stuff has more damage and attack speed
      3. I’m not sure but it should be equal to the damage dealt by the firearm used to build ut.
      4.idk yet

    • 2. You get to a battery box than tap the action whilst holding railgun.
      4. Tunnels leads to big keys which currently have no purpose

  2. Well my battery operator or box is showing an electricity symbol and its making my turrets, lights, and night tables not work. Even if my oil generator is filled and my Solar generator is full

    • You have too much stuff. You will have to add more generators. Be sure to switch to solar and nuclear because the gas can become costly. I was using around 150 a night at one point.

  3. the key is for a tunnel, which is locked down. there are really tough zombies, so dont go there until you have strong equipments. i dont know what to do there, i just stopped the game ’cause jeez there are stronger and faster zombies. So i need help wants in there and how to survive there.

    • You will find large keys down there. I would suggest using a flamethrower(collect from one of the bosses and runs on gas) and a Heavy Machine Gun with plenty of ammo, night vision, pastic or robot suit, plenty of ammo, and lots of drones. I maxed out my drones(2 lamp, 2 electric and 10 turret), bring lots of food and bandages, first aid kits, etc. With all that i had a super easy time down there. I actually mapped out the place. It makes it easier to keep from getting lost. Use graph paper and every two seconds of walking is a block on tbe paper. Youll find it in no time. GL mate.

  4. Very important playthrough of my first gameplay that got the game so easy for me…
    First days : collect materials to build normal stuff as normal then immediatly make a bike and a flashlight.
    Couple days later :Start making upgrades on your self and dont build a base only a crafting table in an easy reach spot. you gotta move in both day and night to quickly level up.
    Even later: get the doomsday bike upgrade and start night runs for collecting missions. At this point you should have second tier auto rifles and etc with full armour + some drones and a base.
    15 to 20: have basically everything and start killing bosses + full drones.
    Giant: very easy just back away whilst shooting and have some drones that will slow other zombies.
    Hedgehog:i suggest sniper rifle or rail gun. just dodge and hit ONCE every time
    The flower thing: shoot while side stepping and watch out for webbers.i suggest auto smth.
    Centipede: never fight in night time. be very careful of webbers. have heavy machinegun. Flamethrower doesnt work. The AI follows you so do circles untill you see it.

  5. Upgrafe the dwarf Skill to find some more. Also add the thief and pickpocket skill to increase the chance to find items. With the dwarf skill pieces of metal will apear more. If you want another option, try searching for cars and interact with it (the button at your Two will have a circle mark). If your’e gonna ask how to make iron bars, just make a furnace (or the other term of it) to “smelt” some. Just think of this game like minecraft but more bullcrap yet awesome. Any more questions?