Dead Cells

Back in October 2018, we heard rumors of the excellent Dead Cells coming to Android devices, as a dedicated page surfaced on the Google Play Store briefly. It seems like that it wasn’t a mistake, as the game is indeed coming to mobile devices this year.

Motion Twin announced that Dead Cells is coming to iOS devices later this Summer, with an Android release also coming on a yet to be confirmed release date. The game will be sold for $8.99 with no IAP whatsoever.

As the game was developed for PC and consoles, the mobile release of Dead Cells will receive some tweaks, such as a revamped interface and the ability to change the touch screen controls. Those who don’t want to use them will also be able to use any controller, as the game will support them.

Dead Cells features a very interesting combination of gameplay mechanics, with a platform game experience in the style of classic Metroid and Castlevania games and procedurally generated levels, resulting in the game being a Roguelike Metroidvania game.

Dead Cells launches on iOS this Summer, with an Android release to follow.


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