Dead Cells

Dead Cells is one of the most successful indie games released in recent times on PC and consoles, and it seems like even Android players will be able to join in the fun in the future.

As reported by Android Police, Dead Cells was momentarily listed on the Google Play Store, with pre-registrations also being open briefly. The listing has been quickly removed, so it’s possible that developer Playdigious wasn’t meant to reveal the Android version just yet.

Dead Cells features a very interesting combination of gameplay mechanics, with a platform game experience in the style of classic Metroid and Castlevania games and procedurally generated levels. During the course of each run, players will find a variety of weapons and items and stronger and stronger enemies to defeat.

A mobile Dead Cells would definitely work well, given its procedurally generated features, but controls may need a bit of tweaking, considering touch controls aren’t precise enough for a challenging game like the one developed by Playdigious.

When an announcement is made, we will definitely hear more about the matter, hoping that controllers support will be in some form.

Dead Cells has yet to be officially announced for Android.


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