Dead by Daylight Pinhead Guide: How to Play Pinhead

Dead by Daylight Pinhead Guide: How to Play Pinhead

Multiplayer survivor horror game status allows Dead by Daylight to play on nostalgic feelings of players toward different movies, books, and horror stories. You can see plenty of familiar monsters and maniacs from popular franchises and now it is the time for Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.

Pinhead is one of the iconic and most remarkable horror maniacs. A pale and bald man dressed in black clothes with lots of pins on his head. This monster came from Hell and he possesses some very interesting abilities. This guide will tell you how to play Pinhead in Dead by Daylight.

How to Play Pinhead in Dead by Daylight

Pinhead in Dead by Daylight has some interesting abilities. His main skill is called Summons of Pain. By using it you will teleport your entity into the determined place in front of you. From this point, you can launch a chain whit hook on its end. If you hit any survivor with this thing you will bind the poor player. However, experienced survivors can use different objects to destroy the chain and unbind themselves. Also, Pinhead breaks the chains when he walks into them, so be careful.

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Chains are a good ability to cripple survivors and make your hunt easier, but they are not the only weapon of Pinhead. If you are somehow familiar with Hellraiser then you know about the Lament Configuration. This artifact is a part of the Chain Hunt mechanic which makes chains harassing survivors. All players see the aura of the Configuration and they are able to pick it up. If you do this you will get the oblivious status and chains are going to pursue you. In order to escape, you need to solve the puzzle but this will mark you for Pinhead and he will be able to teleport to you.

This killer can’t see the Configuration, but in case he picked it up, Chain Hunt starts immediately by chaining all the players. Also, Chain Hunt will be started in case you are not solving the Lament Configuration. If you play as Pinhead, try to chase survivors and wait until they try to find the Configuration to stop Chain Hunt. When someone picked up the puzzle, you can get it by killing the one who did it and get an advantage. Following this strategy should bring you victory. Good luck in your further matches.

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Dead by Daylight Pinhead Guide: How to Play Pinhead


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