Dead By Daylight: The Spirit

The Spirit was first introduced to Dead by Daylight in September 2018. No doubt, the Spirit is one of the most deeply divided Killers in the game. This is due to her powerful add-ons and nearly impossible-to-predict power.

Players should first examine her perks, powers, and add-ons, as well as the tips that make playing her both enjoyable and challenging.

She is a phase-walking Killer who uses her traversal power to catch Survivors off guard. Above all, her power enables her to teleport from one location to another while remaining undetected. Now that’s scary.

The Spirit’s Perks

The Spirit has three unique perks that can be unlocked through the Bloodweb for other Killers. The following are The Spirit’s perks:

  • Spirit Fury – When you break 4/3/2 pallets, this perk is activated. The Entity will automatically break the pallet the next time a Survivor uses it to stun you; however, you will still be stunned. At level 30, the perk becomes teachable and available in the bloodwebs of all other killers.
  • Hex: Haunted Ground – In the Trial, two trapped Hex Totems spawn. When one of them is cleansed, the Exposed status effect is applied to all Survivors for a short time.
  • Rancor – You develop an obsession with a particular Survivor. Each time a generator is completed, you are informed of the locations of all Survivors. When all of the generators are finished, this Survivor will be permanently exposed, allowing you to kill them with your own hands.

Dead By Daylight Mobile: The Spirit Tips

Here are a few simple but valuable tips to help you master her:

  • When Survivors are injured, you should use Yamaoka’s Haunting power. Many people will panic and flee. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the scratch marks they leave behind.
  • When phasing, tactical survivors will walk to keep their scratch marks hidden from view. Instead, concentrate on their breathing.
  • Finally, don’t use your entire phasewalk at once; instead, use it to its full potential while remaining tactical.
  • Yamaoka’s Haunting is excellent for both Chases and general exploration. When looping, it’s less effective because Survivors know you’ll be looking to cut off places like Vaults and Pallets.
  • Stridor isn’t a must-have perk for The Spirit, but it is extremely useful in locating Survivors because it amplifies their breathing and Grunts of Pain by 50%.

Final Thoughts

The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka) is regarded as one of the game’s most deadly killers. When used correctly, the Spirit’s power, perks, and add-ons make her undeniably powerful. As you get used to playing as The Spirit, you’ll find that you have a lot of control over the map. Above all, players can refer to this Dead By Daylight: The Spirit guide at any time to brush up on the basics and easily dominate the Survivors.

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