Dead By Daylight: The Plague

As part of the chapter Demise of the Faithful, The Plague first appeared in Dead by Daylight alongside the Survivor, Jane Romero. Her vomit is used to infect Survivors. It takes patience and skill to play this killer. The killer’s perks, as well as some tips and tricks to make your Trials a lot better, have been compiled into a handy guide for you.

The Plague is savage but challenging to master. While mastering this beast is unquestionably worthwhile, it requires an understanding of how to maximize the power and, more importantly, a great deal of patience.

How to play The Plague?

Dead By Daylight: The Plague description

Prepare your defense strategy and decide which nearby generators to defend at the start of the trial. Allow the generators that were difficult to defend to be abandoned. Begin patrolling the map as soon as the strategy is finalized. Above all, keep an eye on your surroundings and pay attention to the sound of the generators while patrolling.

Check your surroundings after you’ve taken out an Infected Survivor. Start a new chase as soon as you find someone! Other Survivors can be infected if they pick up the fully infected downed Survivor, which puts a lot of pressure on them. Otherwise, seize the downed Survivor and hold them for ransom. You can ask for some million dollars in return. Just kidding!

The Plague’s Perks Guide

The Plague has three unique Perks that can only be found in her Bloodweb at first. They can be taught to other Killers at levels 30, 35, and 40. Listed are her perks:

  • Dark Devotion: The Killer becomes intensely focused on one Survivor. When a Basic Attack hits that Survivor, they start emitting a Terror Radius of 32 metres for 20/25/30 seconds, and the Killer gains the Undetectable status. It will be the obsession Survivor who hears it.
  • Corrupt Intervention: For 80/100/120 seconds, this perk prevents the killer from working on the generators closest to him. The perk is teachable and available in all other killers’ bloodwebs at level 30.
  • Infectious Fright: The Killer’s Terror Radius expands every 4/5/6 seconds when a Survivor dies. Now that’s something interesting, isn’t it?

While all three of The Plague’s unique Perks can be helpful in Dead By Daylight, a player’s playstyle will determine which ones he or she equips and which Killers he or she borrows. Most players who use The Plague keep corrupt Intervention and Infectious Fright, but Dark Devotion is dropped in favor of two Generator Perks or a Generator and Stealth Perk.

Dead By Daylight Mobile: The Plague Tips

  • Switch between puking and hitting the Survivors. While it is true that making Survivors sick is preferable, if a Survivor runs straight into you, use your Basic Attack instead.
  • If you have early-game perks like Corrupt Intervention, go out of your way to leave a Chase if necessary in order to infect a healthy Survivor, and keep going if necessary.
  • If you’re certain that Survivors are near a Generator but can’t find them, vomit on it. When their icon turns green (indicating sickness), you can return and have a better chance of finding them.
  • Using a perk like Corrupt Intervention can draw Survivors closer to you, allowing you to infect them as soon as possible during the match.
  • Corrupt Purge is great for easily injuring Survivors from afar, but don’t devote too much time to it.


Overall, the game is delightful. In this game, players can play as both Killer and Survivor. Survive as a team or outlast them all. Dead by Daylight Mobile features killers from popular horror franchises. The game also offers players virtually endless progression and ever-changing experiences with its randomly generated maps and character-specific perks. Last but not least, players can refer to this Dead By Daylight: The Plague guide at any time to learn the basics and progress much faster in the game.

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