Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List – All Killers Ranked

Dead by Daylight 6.1.0

Dead By Daylight has grown in popularity and size since its inception and now boasts 30 Killers to choose from. Everyone has their favorites to play as, or to play against, and heated discussions take place whenever the subject is brought up! Tier lists are generally based in a mix of opinion and statistics, and ours is no different. Check out the guide below to find out how we rank each killer in our Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List – All Killers Ranked.

Strongest and Weakest Killers in Dead By Daylight

The Dead By Daylight developers at Behaviour release stats pretty regularly to show the pick rates and kill rates of the Killers available in-game. Some Killers are certainly picked more often than others, with numbers increasing around the time when they are released, while others are pretty consistently classic choices.

The Plague in Dead By Daylight (via Behaviour Interactive)

In October 2022, BHVR released some interesting stats about which Killer players were choosing and using to sacrifice Survivors to the Entity. Franchise Killers Pinhead, Onryo, and The Mastermind from popular horror movies Hellraiser, Ring, and Resident Evil were very popular, and had the highest kill rates. Freddy Kreuger (Nightmare on Elm Street) came in second place, followed closely by Pig (Saw movie), Plague and The Dredge (both original Killers).

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(via Twitter/Behaviour Interactive)

Kill rates are an interesting stat as they are really affected by how easy the Killer is to play, what perks are being used, and the skill level of the players involved. Our tier list below takes into account how difficult it is to master the Killer, their kill rate, and how popular they seem to be judging from the most recent pick rate across all MMRs. Most of all, the tier list is based on what it is like to play that particular Killer at a high MMR.

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Before we explain the tiers, it must be known that these are still opinion based in experience and stats. In no way is this definitive, and things can also change when and if Behaviour buff or nerf the characters’ perks and powers. The tier list may show how powerful the Killer is but just because the Killer is at B or C tier does not mean it is not fun to play. Many Pig and Clown players stick with their favorite Killer because of how enjoyable it is to use them, especially once they are highly skilled at that particular Killer.

Huntress, Wraith, Hag, Nurse, Trapper, Hillbilly, Doctor (via Behaviour Interactive/Dead By Daylight)

S Tier Killers are harder to master but so satisfying to play once you do. When you first start playing as these Killers you should be ready to get your butt handed to you by the 4-person team of Survivors, but do not let that put you off. A Tier Killers are popular but take a bit less skill than S Tier, and can be great fun to play as or against. These Killers have good mobility and map pressure. B Tier Killers are average in skill level and usually need good perks to really make an impact, and they don’t have much map pressure. Lastly, C Tier Killers can be tough to play and not particularly great at map pressure or catching a looping Survivor.

NurseOne of the toughest to master, but oh so satisfying when you do! Her teleporting power can mean great mobility around the map, but players will need to also predict what the Survivors will be doing to get a Blink-hit in!S Tier
MastermindThis Resident Evil baddie is becoming known as a strong killer due to his power that allows him to lunge and slam Survivors into objects, or even other Survivors. Fully infected Survivors can also be grabbed instantly when attacked again. S Tier
HuntressHuntress has hatchets she can throw across the map and hit Survivors from afar. She can be hard to master at first but once you get your aim right, you can stop a looping player in their tracks. S Tier
BlightBlight’s rush power is difficult to master but once you do, you can move across the map ridiculously quickly, bouncing off walls and obstacles activating Lethal Rush.S Tier
HagHag can place her traps around the map which are triggered by Survivors as they run over them. Hag can then teleport to that trap and attack the nearby Survivors. Players must be quick to react, and to be able to predict where Survivors will be going.S Tier
Trapper Trapper is easy to use but to get a consistent 4K players will need to understand where best to place traps. Use the traps effectively and the Survivors won’t stand a chance.A Tier
HillbillyHillbilly is really tricky to get used to as his chainsaw allows him to zoom in a straight line, downing any Survivor in his path with one hit. His power gives him great map pressure too as he can get across the map very quickly. The only reason he isn’t S-Tier is because Survivors can hear him coming and dodge his chainsaw.A Tier
SpiritSpirit can teleport long distances so has some great range to put pressure on Survivors, and close any looping madness. She can be a bit tricky to get good at, but with time you can get there!A Tier
WraithWraith can cloak himself and become basically invisible, with an added speed boost as he moves. He is an easy killer to play as, and is popular among even veteran players to this day. A Tier
DoctorDoctor is a classic DBD Killer with a basic attack, but his special power allows him to reveal the locations of the Survivors as they scream! When the madness increases they have to ‘Snap Out Of It’, as they hallucinate visions of the Doctor, the auras of which you can see. A Tier
OniOni is in this high tier due to the fact his power is pretty quick to tier up as he absorbs Blood Orbs. This gives him a one-hit down as he rages across the map. He is very powerful once you master him.A Tier
ExecutionerThe Executioner is a licensed Killer from Silent Hill, and can be a pretty powerful Killer when you know how to predict Survivor’s movements. His power can shut down a looping Survivor and hit them as dash around a corner. A Tier
PlaguePlague is a fun Killer to play as, but not if you hate vomit! Plague infects Survivors with her Vile Purge, and when they are fully infected they become injured enough to down in one hit. When Survivors cleanse, Plague can use that Corrupt Purge to hit Survivors from quite a distance. A Tier
ArtistThe Artist has crows at her disposal, either sending them off to hopefully expose where Survivors are, or leaving them at a corner to close off a looping Survivor. Her anti-loop power is useful, but only a really smart player can use the skill to make a real impact on the game.B Tier
DredgeThe Dredge can transport across areas by using the lockers that Survivors normally hide in. If they find a Survivor while transporting, that Survivor is in major trouble! Dredge is not a hard Killer to use but can take some concentration to get a 4K. B Tier
CenobiteCenobite (Pinhead) is another licensed Killer, this time from Hellraiser. His power is great for slowing down Survivors as they must find his box to stop his chains from hitting them and interrupting their progress. B Tier
DemogorgonDemogorgon is from Stranger Things, and can create portals to travel from one area to another. This can put great pressure on generator progression and allow Demo to move across the map with ease. B Tier
NightmareThis Nightmare on Elm Street Killer has a high kill rate and is a popular Killer. Despite this, we are putting him in B tier because of the recent nerf to his powers, and his relative weakness to other Killers. B Tier
Ghost FaceGhostie is from 90s horror movie Scream. He can stalk Survivors but needs time to power up his abilities. His ability to crouch and become undetectable puts him just above Michael Myers, shown below. B Tier
The ShapeMichael Myers is a little like Ghost Face with his need for time to build up his power, and can stalk his enemies until he can down them with one hit. He is pretty weak without the use to add-ons though, but he is very fun to play with and against!C Tier
TricksterTrickster keeps his knives in lockers much like Huntress and her hatchets. He is not great against looping Survivors, and is slow to catch up to them, which is why he have those nasty blades to throw at quite a distance. Trickster would be higher in the list if he put more pressure on Survivors during loops. C Tier
DeathslingerDeathslinger is another fun Killer, but his power requires skill to aim and fire at the right points. He doesn’t have much other pressure on Survivors which is why he is low on this list. If his power downed the Survivor instead of inflicting Deep Wound, he would be considered much more powerful. C Tier
OnryoOnryo is a Killer from the movie The Ring. She transports between televisions, and can creep about relatively quietly. She lacks pressure in loops, though, and needs specific perks and add-ons to be powerful.C Tier
LegionLegion likes to run and stab, inflicting Survivors with Deep Wound which requires them to mend whenever they are hit. They slow down the game, but are still a pretty weak Killer overall. Some say Legion is dull to play as or against, but the slow down tactic can be effective nonetheless. C Tier
The KnightThis is a new Killer unique to Dead By Daylight, and has a power that sends out one of his three Guards to patrol an area. He is in C-Tier because the Guards are not too hard to avoid, and still has trouble in loops. C Tier
The TwinsThe Twins are great fun, but just not powerful enough. They were considered more powerful before the Survivors were given what is essentially built-in Borrowed Time, because now Victor cannot camp a hook and wait to down someone. C Tier
The CannibalAh Bubba, he gets a bad rap but he can be so much fun. A favorite among many DBD Killer mains, but has to resort to dirty tactics like camping and slugging to secure his 4K. His chainsaw can cause a one-hit down, but does take some skill to master. C Tier
NemesisNemesis is a Resident Evil Killer who relies on infecting Survivors. He has zombies roaming the map who can strike Survivors, infecting them or injuring infected Survivors. He isn’t too powerful unless you make the most out of certain perks and add-ons.C Tier
ClownClown is a fun Killer to play but has limited power. His bottles can slow down Survivors as they run, making them easier to chase down. He can be pretty good if you use the right perks, but is weak without them.C Tier
The PigThe Pig, AKA Amanda from the Saw movies, relies on her reverse bear traps to slow down game progress. She can also crouch and be momentarily undetectable. Despite all this she remains a weak Killer due to her reliance on late game tactics. C Tier

That concludes our Killer tier list for Dead By Daylight. If you disagree with any of our decisions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. Next up, why not check out if Stranger Things is coming back to Dead By Daylight. Good luck!

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