Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022: All New Perk Reworks and Changes


There are lots of exciting multiplayer games that you can play in the modern game industry. Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game where you can play as both the murderer and the victim.

There you will be able to customize your character with help of different perks and the developers are actively changing the game’s balance. So, you may want to know about the latest changes and we are going to help you. This article will tell you about all new perk reworks and changes in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022.

Perk Reworks in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022

There are lots of different perks that you can use to make your characters stronger. The developers of Dead by Daylight are actively updating the game with new content and balance changes. The latest Developer Update changed and reworked lots of perks and you may want to learn more information about these changes.

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Killer Perks Changes in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022

Here are all changes to the killer perks in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022.

  • Barbecue and Chilli – The Bloodpoint bonus is removed.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel – Generators now lost 20% of their current progress.
  • Tinkerer – Now activates only once per generator with a base charge of 90.
  • Hex: Ruin – Reduces the speed of regression to 50/75/100%.
  • Corrupt Intervention – Deactivates once a Survivor enters the dying state.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death – Survivors are able to see the aura of Hex Totem within 4 meters upon activation. This range is able to increase to 24 metes within 30 seconds.
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance – Generator no longer explodes when it loses progression. Also, Survivors no longer scream.
  • Overcharge – Now is able to increase kicked generators’ regression speed from 100% to 400% over 30 seconds.
  • Coulrophobia – Now increases the speed of skill checks by 50%.
  • Dark Devotion – Now activates when the Obsession loses its health.
  • Jolt – Cooldown is removed.
  • Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine – Now increases the Entity progression by 10/15/20% when you put a Survivor on a Scourge Hook. This effect doesn’t work if the murderer stays within 24 meters.
  • Eruption – The generator regression debuff is increased to 10% and the Incapacitated effect lasts for 15/20/25.
  • Knock Out – Now decreases the speed of dying Survivors by 50% and reduces their recovery speed by 25%.
  • Lethal Pursuer – Now increases the duration of all aura-reading effects by 2 seconds.
  • Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain – The action speed penalty is increased to 10/13/16%.
  • Thanatophobia – The action speed penalty is now increased to 4.5/5/5.5% per Survivor.

Survivor Perks Changes in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022

Here are all changes to the survivor perks in Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022.

  • Decisive Strike – Stun duration is reduced to 3 seconds. Also, the perk effect deactivates when the Exit Gates are powered.
  • Borrowed Time – Extends the Endurance effect duration by 6/8/10 seconds and increases the duration of the movement speed bonus by 10 seconds for Survivors you successfully unhooked.
  • Dead Hard – The Endurance effect triggers only for 1 second.
  • Self-Care – The speed of healing is lowered to 25/30/35% and the bonus to item efficiency is removed.
  • Iron Will – The grunts of pain reduction effect is lowered to 25/50/75%. Also, the perk is unable to activate when your character is affected by the Exhausted debuff.
  • Spine Chill – Now activates only if the murderer has a clear line of sight to the player with this perk and there will be a half-second delay for this perk activation. Also, the vault speed bonus is removed.
  • Calm Spirit – Now allows you to open chests and bless totems quietly. However, your action speed will be reduced by 40/35/30%.
  • Saboteur – Now allows you to identify Scourge Hooks.
  • Botany Knowledge – Now increases the healing speed by 30/40/50%.
  • Off the Record – Gives the Endurance effect for 60/70/80 seconds when your character is unhooked. The effect will be lost if you perform any Conspicuous Action.
  • Lucky Break – Now this perk duration increases when you spend your time healing another player. However, you can’t exceed this perk’s starting duration.
  • Pharmacy – Now activates whenever your character is injured.
  • Sole Survivor – Now increases the generator repair speed by 75% and the exit gates and hatch opening speed by 50%.
  • Distortion – Gives 1 token for every 30 seconds you stay within the murderer’s Terror Radius.
  • Hope – Now the duration of the perk is removed and its effect lasts till the end of the match.
  • No One Left Behind – Now increases the movement speed of the survivors you unhooked by 7%. Also, the perk activates when the gates are powered.
  • Dark Sense – Reveals the aura of the murderers for 5/7/10 seconds when they are within 24 meters of you. The perk activates when you power a generator.
  • Lightweight – Now makes your scratch marks less visible. Also, their fade speed is decreased by 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Déjà Vu – Increases the repair speed for the revealed generators by 5%.
  • Tenacity – Now reduces the survivor’s grunts of pain in the dying state by 75%.
  • Overzealous – Now the perk bonus doubles if you cleanse a Hex totem.
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever – The Bloodpoint bonus removed.

The latest update has a huge amount of different perk changes and we tried to cover all of them. We will be glad if this guide helps you to determine which perks you want to use in the current patch. Good luck in your further matches in Dead by Daylight!

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Dead by Daylight Developer Update June 2022: All New Perk Reworks and Changes


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