DC Legends has just been launched on the App Store and we are having an amazing time playing the game. Of course, being a game featuring all our favorite superheroes from the DC universe, we want to unlock them all and do it fast. We’ve already shared some tips on how to unlock all heroes in DC Legends in our tips and tricks article published recently, but there should be a dedicated guide to unlocking new Superheroes alone, and that’s exactly what we have for you here.

So if you’re wondering what to do to unlock your heroes in DC Legends quickly – and then upgrade them as fast as possible, we’re here to share a guide for you, one that will help you achieve just that. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below all the methods to getting more hero shards in the game for unlocking all heroes and turning the ones you already have into Legendary Superheroes!

1. The fastest and easiest method to get more hero shards is to simply go through the single player campaign, the Story mode. Many missions along the way have a “first play” bonus that will reward you with hero shards for a particular hero. So play through the campaign until you hit the wall in order to increase the number of hero shards you have.

2. After completing all the missions in one episode, you unlock the Heroic mode which allows you to play each mission on a higher difficulty level, but with a chance to get a particular hero shard as a reward for completing that particular mission. Simply choose the mission that can reward you with the shards for the heroes you want to upgrade and play it (there’s a limit of 3 Heroic missions per 16 hours though).

3. Buy premium currency from the Shop, then spend the money to get Packs that contain shards. This is pretty much obvious, but many won’t want to spend (too much) money on the game, but I had to write it down just so we all know it’s also a method!

4. Compete in the Arena and win as many battles as possible. The Arena is awesome when it comes to getting more hero shards, because it can reward you directly with them after each League finishes every few days. Based on your final ranking in the PvP Wrath arena, you will receive more or less hero shards for the Hero that’s offered as a reward in the League.

Also, apart from the guaranteed hero shards offered based on your performance in the Arena, you will also receive Battle Essence as a reward based on your League, but also for winning a battle against another human player. You get 30 Battle Essence for each win and you can purchase from the store a Big Arena Pack for 380 Essence that gives you a chance to winning some Hero Shards as well. Always go for the Big Pack and purchase as many as you can per day.

5. Log in daily and collect the daily bonus. Every few days, you will receive shards for a particular hero and each month it will change. You want to log in daily here in order to maximize the number of shards you get for that particular hero!

6. Complete the missions, especially the Campaign Missions. They currently reward you with shards for Superman, but in the future more missions might be added so that you can earn even more superheroes!

7. Take part in the Live Events. You need a really strong team in order to stand a chance in the Live events, but if you can, you will get amazing rewards there, including Hero Shards and items required to upgrade your heroes to Legendary status. So always keep an eye on the Live events and get as much as possible from them!

For now, these would be our tips and tricks for unlocking more Heroes in DC Legends. If you found more ways to unlock heroes, let us know by commenting below!


  1. play the campaign to get superman shards.

    also save up essence gems and use them to buy packs with superman in it. it will probably be a low chance, but why bother not trying?

    also can be earned in rare pvp or event occasions like the pvp superman event that came up due to his 80th anniversary.


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