The Day R Survival bandit city forts guide we will share with you in this article, will feature all the bandit camps and everything that you need to know when adventuring to fight them. By playing this game for a while, it’s impossible that you haven’t ran into a bandit camp (or if you haven’t yet, it will happen for sure).

These camps are basically a great resource for weapons, vehicles and all kinds of other materials that you will need in order to progress faster. However, when you want to fight them, you need to take into consideration that you might not come out victorious, or even if you do, you will suffer a few injuries. 

The bandit forts can be found in the cities and they are of three different types, of increasing difficulty.

Bandit city fort 1

This is the first one you can try your luck against, and if you’re geared properly, you will definitely win this easy. After attacking it, you can loot the camp and you will find 10 corpses. They can have several types of weapons on them, including pistols and crossbows.

By looting the camp after defeating the bandits, you can get:

– gasoline, pickled goods, clean water, rusks, rice, buckwheat grains, nailed box, caps, paper, corpses (of the bandits), furniture, paper, broken vehicles, canned beef, pork, porridge, saucepan, cans

All of the stuff you obtain from fighting against this camp are very useful, so make sure you pick everything that you need. And don’t forget to loot the corpses!

Bandit city fort 2

This fort is bigger than the previous one, containing four corners that you can loot. Here you will have to defeat 50 bandits, obviously stronger than the previous ones. After defeating them, if you walk on top of each of the four corners of the camp you will enter a different area, and there you can find these:

On top:

– vodka, cigarettes, canned goods, rags, furniture, wine, cloth, corpses (20 corpses of the bandits you have defeated)

On bottom:

– firewood, corpses (10 corpses of the bandits you beat up), scrap, cement, Potassium Nitrate, Colloidal Sulfur, crowbar, Nitrate

On the left:

– Pasta, saucepan, corn grains, fish, salt, sugar, vodka, rusks, wine, water, furniture, coffee, honey, flour, rice, yeast and corpses (another 10 dead bandits)

On the right:

– car battery, gasoline, vehicle spare parts, spark plug, broken vehicles, tools, insulating tape, machine oil, wire, steel cable, tire, electrical cables, welder and another 10 corpses.

It is best if you search the bodies, because some of them carry super strong weapons that you can then use yourself to get even stronger. Among those weapons are heavy crossbows and handmade double-barreled shotgun. 

Bandit city fort 3

This fort is the biggest one and has several more areas for you to loot. From here you can get pretty much everything in the game and if you are lucky enough to run into one, you can consider yourself super lucky.

Also, the bandits here are way stronger than in the previous ones, so if you expect to find something easy, this is not the place. As the building has nine different areas you can loot, you should prepare your bag because there’s a lot of things you might find useful.

In one area called the Canteen, you will find these: salt, sugar, flour, buckwheat grains, corn grains, rice, pasta, furniture, dirty water, yeast and rusks.

In the Infirmary you will find these: furniture, bandages, sponges, rags, alcohol and many other medicine and pills. Make sure you bandage yourself after the fight and administer the needed medicine if it’s the case.

The Garage contains what all the other garages contain and maybe a little more. Well, to put it this way, it has everything. Gasoline, diesel, wires and whatnot. Stock up on fuel from here if you are running low.

The Forge is the last unique area to this fort, and it has many tools you can use for crafting, from steel to coal.

The other five areas contain Russian goods, such as vodka, cigarettes and canned stuff. Ah, and wine. 

In every single area here you will find corpses, that you should definitely loot because they have many more items on them than the other corpses. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

And now for some general tips about the Day R Survival bandit city forts, because I am sure you’d like to learn a thing or two to help you win these battles!

First thing you need to keep in mind when going against a bandit camp, is to be prepared. Don’t go if you don’t have a few bandaids and meds with you, or if you don’t have any good weapons and armor. So what you need here is to get a few weapons beforehand, as well and a bodyplate. For more on how to get weapons and everything you need to know about them, check our weapons guide.

For the armor, best thing you can do if you haven’t found any good one from looting, is to craft. Up your crafting skills and gather the materials to craft some good gears, and if you don’t know how, check our crafting guide we have created, under Sewing skill category.

Another useful thing you can use to your advantage, is that once you have defeated the bandits you can actually use their camp for a while. It is not affected by radiation, so you can easily stay there and rest for a while.

The last thing I am going to mention about the bandit forts is the difficulty. If you want to attack and your chances of winning are quite small, don’t neglect that and come back at a later time after you’ve become more powerful. It is no use risking dying to just gather a few (good) resources.

These are all the tips for our Dar R Survival bandit city forts guide we have for now, but if you know something cool that we haven’t mentioned, leave it down in the comments for all the other Day R Survival players to learn!


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