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Dawn of Zombies Cheats: Tips & Guide to Survive for a Long Time

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Dawn of Zombies tips and cheats that we have gathered and share them with you, so that you can learn how to survive for a long time in this game.

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There are quite a few things that you need to keep track of in the game, from keeping your stomach full to keeping your character hydrated and also crafting a lot of things to keep you safe and to store your items (I’ll tell you why below). So indeed, there are a lot of things to do in the game, much like in every other survival game out there!

Therefore let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Dawn of Zombies tips and tricks right here below and learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Loot everything and everyone

You can collect a lot of items in your bag, and a lot of these items can be good (or not so good). The best way to acquire new materials and to get a chance of getting better stuff is by looting corpses and pretty much everything that will come your way.

You will be able to loot the zombies which attack you and every other item which you can see on the ground and will have the hand symbol when you walk next to it. I suggest that you start collecting pretty much everything that you see, from wooden planks to zombie remains. These will come in handy in the long run, so try to pick up everything that you find.

Collect materials in advance

I am very aware that store is going to be quite an issue early on, but I will cover that right below! In the meantime, I suggest that you start chopping some extra trees – other than the ones necessary for your quests and crafting recipes.

You should always try to pick up extra of each material, and store them up because they will come in handy when you want to craft something. That way you won’t have to go looking for materials (especially if you are collecting them from outside your base and far away spots) and you can craft the stuff right away with your stored materials.

My tip here: I always like to go on collecting trips where I am just going around the maps looking for wood, scrap metal and other collectible items and then head back to the base and store them up. That way I can craft and complete various quests much quicker because I have all the necessary items.

Build that extra storage box

Since the storage is quite an issue in the game, you will have to craft some storage boxes so that you can keep your raw materials and extras in there, so you won’t have to carry them around with you at all times and keep your bag filled.

The quests will task you to build a Sack very early on in the game, but that really isn’t going to help much with the storage capacity, since it will only give you an extra 5 slots to your already existing 10.

Therefore I suggest that you start crafting a second Small Box (Crafting -> Survival Essentials -> Small Box) which requires you to have 2 Scrap Metal and 5 Raw Planks. Build a second one and place it in your base, and store there all of the extra items and materials that you won’t use.

Keep some important stuff in your bag

In your bag you won’t have a lot of slots, but you will have to keep a couple of super important stuff there at all times, so make sure that you always have the following with you:

Extra food: this is essential because hunger might get you at any point in the game and you will have to eat, so make sure that you always have at least 3 pieces of food with you wherever you go.

Extra water: water will calm your thirst, so just like food, it’s super important to have some flasks filled with water on you because if you are dehydrated, you will slowly start losing health (have at least 3-4 on you)!

Extra materials for weapons: since the weapons and all the other tools have a durability in the game, you should always try to have some extra materials to craft those items on you at all times. Depending on which items you want to craft, you should at least have 4 Scrap Metal and 2 Raw Planks on you so that you can craft that basic Axe which can act as both a weapon and a tool to chop down trees.

The alternative to carrying extra materials for weapons would be to have the already crafted weapons / items on you, so make sure that you have this especially if your item’s durability is below half.

Bandages: Bandages are super important, so don’t neglect them because if you will have to fight a lot, food won’t do you much good. 1 Bandage can be crafted by using 1 Rags, which can be collected from various enemies. Always have at least 5 Bandages with you because they will help you by healing you a lot in case you get hurt!

So these are the most important things that you should carry at all times. It might seem like a lot, but it will save you from death most likely and you should not neglect that.

Get 50 Gold Bars for free

If you want to receive 50 Gold Bars for free all that you have to do is check on the left side of the screen where an icon with the Facebook logo will appear, which will ask you to like / join the game’s Facebook page and receive 50 Gold Bars in return.

Just tap on this and the game’s Facebook page will be opened, but you don’t really have to do anything – you don’t even have to have a Facebook account! Once this opened, head back into the game and select the Storage option and the reward will be given to you anyway for free!

Expand your house

If you have collected quite a lot of Raw Planks you can go ahead and start expanding your house and build more rooms. This can be done by tapping on the house menu in the right side of the screen. There, you can see in the Construction tab that you can build various stuff out of wood, such as flooring, walls, doors and even outside fencing!

So if you want to start decorating and make it feel like home, do this and make sure you take a look at the Furnishing tab as well because there you can see a lot of other utility stuff that you can build.

Restore your Bicycle ASAP

You can find the old Bicycle in the second room of the house, or the Garage (let’s call it that). There are a few items necessary to restore it, but once restored this bike will help you move around the map much faster and help you explore new territories!

The items necessary for repairing it are:

– 2x Sack

– 20x Rebar

– 20x Bolts

– 6x Spokes

– 4x Hide

– 20x Twine

– 3x Bicycle Sprockets

– 20x Chain Links

My tip here: Whenever you collect some of these items you should go ahead to the Bicycle and tap, hold and drag them onto the items necessary for repairing it so that you can empty them up from your inventory! Don’t worry – they will be stored in the bicycle and once you have them all it will say Completed!

Complete your tasks and quests

In this game there are quite a few tasks that you can follow in the game if you are feeling lost, so if you want to proceed with these go ahead and start doing so immediately!

There will be your main quests which you can find by tapping on the quests which appear in the right side of the screen, or by tapping on the button in the upper right corner of the screen which will be your PDA. Let’s dive a bit into all of them:

Quests: These will be your main tasks, so basically the story mode! Follow these as you see fit, but keep in mind that surviving is number 1 priority and you should only advance with these when you are feeling ready to take on some challenges.

Daily Quests: These quests will reset daily and they can be some super easy tasks or some tasks which will require a little bit more time invested. Try to complete them every single day (before they reset) because you can collect a ton of useful rewards from them.

Challenges: The Challenges are basically perseverance rewards – the longer you stay online in the game the more and better rewards you can receive. So claim these whenever they are available!

Events: The events are time limited features which will give your some special rewards. Check them out and try to complete them whenever you can.

Tips: Sometimes you will pick up some strange sheets of paper from the zombies or various enemies, so when you see them in your bag add them to your PDA to free up space. You will have access to them at all times and they will give you various tips about the game and some of its locations.

Claim free goods chest

When you head on to the Store tab (the shopping cart icon) you can find under the Limited tab a chest which will be available for free. It’s called the Friendly Support chest and all that you need to do is watch an advertisement to claim its contents.

From this you can receive Hide, Nails, Twine, Fried Mushrooms, Rosehip Potion, Gold Bars, Board With Nails, Raider’s Axe, Makarov Pistol or a FN Scar (rifle weapon). So no matter what you get they will definitely come in handy! Watch this whenever it is available!

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Dawn of Zombies tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game survival tips and strategies? Share them with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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