Dash through a fantasy world inspired by retro RPGs in Dash Quest, an endless runner with RPG mechanics! Dash through hordes of scary enemies and face off against mighty bosses! Buy new equipment and find new spells on your journey to power up your hero and find your long lost grandpa! There’s a couple tips we can share with you in our Dash Quest cheats and tips, so here we go!

Don’t be fooled by Dash Quest’s charming graphics and endless runner gameplay – it’s quite challenging! So, let’s prep you for a grand adventure with our Dash Quest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep your charge attack ready!

Your charge attack has two stages for it. Briefly charging it will let out a little spark that does okay damage, but charging it full will make the aura around you grow bigger. Releasing it at this point will send out a powerful blast that does great damage.

You should always have this ready! If you have an idle moment, don’t take a breather – start charging up your next charge attack. That way, you’ll be ready for whatever enemy comes next.

Boost your speed for a damage aura!

Gear that boosts your speed stat are helpful for getting through levels faster, but there’s also another stat you should consider – Airstream!! If a piece of gear offers a boost in the airstream stat, you’ll move so fast that you’ll generate a little force field around you.

When enemies come into contact with you, they’ll be bumped along the road while taking steady damage. This causes most enemies to stagger as well, so they won’t be able to retaliate – they’ll just be caught in a torrent of damage!

Be careful though – some of the beefier enemies can ignore the damage and still counter attack. Enemies that use spells and ranged attacks can also hit you before you even reach them, so watch out for those guys as well.

Grab the essential skills!

When you level up, you’ll receive a couple skill points that you can use to upgrade any of the skills you like. Most of the skill increase your stats in a way, but there are also a couple skills that we recommend to grab first.

  • The Treasure Hunter skill permanently increases your rare item find chance by 5% once maxed out. You can find some cool stuff on your journey, and that little 5% might make all the difference when you get the chance for great loot.
  • The Shield Training skill lets you block more frequently by reducing the delay between blocks. Have you ever been nicked by a boss because you mistimed a block? This will help you block more often!
  • The Efficient Packing skill lets you bring more items with you into battle. This is really helpful if you’re in it for a the long run while playing Endless Mode!

There are plenty of other great skills, so ultimately it’s up to your own discretion. Just keep in mind though that the more skill points you spend, the more expensive it’ll get if you want to reset them.

Get through Story Mode!

Story Mode sees you out on an adventure to find where your missing grandpa went off to, and figure out how to stop all these monsters. There are a couple of key items that you can only get in story mode, including:

  • The Ancient Grimoire, which allows spells to be upgraded to level 6.
  • The HP and MP Pot Recipes, which increase the effectiveness of potions by 25%.

… and more! Take the time to go through Story Mode as you’ll find some helpful key items to power you through the game’s more challenging modes like the Daily Dungeon.

That’s all for Dash Quest! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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