Dash against in the world in Dash Legends! Dash Legends is a simple and addictive platform racing game where you get to race against players from all around the world! Our Dash Legends cheats and tips will help you race your way up the leaderboards. With different courses to run through and hectic items to unleash against your opponents, things are always chaotic in the world of Dash Legends.

Strap on your running shoes because we’re going to train you to become the best dasher ever, so let’s get started with our Dash Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Complete the daily quests!

Your primary source for better scrolls and equipment is from the chests. And what do you need to buy chests? Money, my dear! You’ll earn a small amount of coins every time you complete a race, but that’s not enough on its own. To really rack in the dough you’ll need to complete the daily quests which can be viewed by tapping the idol at the top of the screen.

Most of them are worth coins but occasionally you’ll get one that’s worth precious diamonds, so be sure to do those first. As you can infer from the name, these quests rotate out every day.

Grab the stars!

Each course is riddled with little tiny stars, usually in rows. These stars offer a sort of hint to show you which way to go, but be careful! Some of them are dastardly and will actually lead you into a trap. Nevertheless, you should collect as many as you can and as soon as you can. These stars fill up your pet gauge at the top left. When it’s full, you can summon your pet for a limited time. Each pet behaves differently but they all offer you faster movement speed, making them crucial for winning the races.

Each of the four starting characters starts out with a pet, so make sure you read up on yours to find out what its unique abilities are. For example, Farah’s Tiger has a 50% chance upon summoning to roar, which scares off other nearby player’s pets. Using your pet at the right time can sometimes make all the difference!

Vote for your favorite course!

The actual courses are cycled through different layouts, but you can vote for the world. There are three “worlds” in Dash Legends – the Amazon Jungles, the Mummy Desert, and the Viking Tundra. The Jungle courses are the easiest, so you should start there and practice your platforming skills. The Desert courses get a little trickier, and you’ll need to watch out for scarabs. Keep an eye on the ground – you can see little dust clouds from where they’re going to pop out of.

Finally, the Tundra levels are the ultimate tests of your abilities. These courses feature grueling obstacles and jumps, so you’ll need to be on your A game to make it through these.

Once you’ve assembled three other players in a lobby, you get to vote on the course. Vote for your favorite course or for the one that matches your skill level and hope for the best! The other players will vote as well so prepare accordingly!

Scrolls can give you a huge beginning advantage!

Scrolls grant you various effects during the race. Some of the scrolls will flat out give you weapons you would normally find in the yellow orbs. It may not seem like much, but having these weapons at the beginning of the race can really put you ahead of the competition. Say for example you start out with a trap weapon of some sort, you can use it to really mess up the other racers. Such a big early lead can very well lead to an easy win, so it’s up to you to pick what to bring!

Keep in mind that some of the scrolls grant you passive bonuses that sometimes aren’t obvious. For example the Juggernaut scroll lets you break through weak walls that you’ll find sometimes in the Tundra courses. Be sure to read at the short description at the bottom of the screen to know what to expect!

Practice your platforming!

Above everything, your precision platforming skills are the most important in the end. As a general rule of thumb, keep your eyes in front of you so you’re able to react accordingly. Time your jumps and make sure not to mistime your double jump – it has the power to save you… or doom you!

Another thing to practice is “drop jumping”. If you walk off an edge, you still have access to your second jump. This technique is known as drop jumping and it can help you get around if you’re coming at an awkward angle.

Remember: you can do a practice run at any time to hone your skills. The only downside to this is that you can’t vote on a course as the game will randomly choose one for you. Still, it’s good practice!

That’s all for Dash Legends. If you have any tips on dashing through the courses, sound off in the comments. If you just want to add some friends to dash, leave your username too!



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