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Darktide Portrait Frames | How to Obtain All Warhammer 40k Portrait Frames

Darktide Portrait Frames | How to Obtain All Warhammer 40k Portrait Frames
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Join Warhammer 40K: Darktide for a co-op experience like no other! This brutal action shooter sees players battling against a mysterious and sinister force trying to take control of the city. Complete missions and chapters to earn accolades such as the Darktide Portrait Frames, a cosmetic that shows off your achievements to anyoe looking at your character portrait! Read on to find out how to obtain all available Warhammer 40K Portrait Frames.

All Available Warhammer 40K: Darktide Portrait Frames

These cosmetics do not add to your character’s skills or power but they do offer an insight into what sort of player you are. The frames are applied to your character portrait and can mainly be obtained by completing missions, chapters, gaining achievements, and upgrading to the Imperial Edition of Darktide. Let’s explore each one now.

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FrameFrame TypeNameDescriptionHow To Get
BasicRejects Will RiseThe Battle for Atoma begins.Automatic at start
BasicFirst To The FrayYour dedication outshines all others.Pre-order bonus frame
BasicMortis VeteranYour eagerness for the fray has been noted.Imperial Edition of Darktide
Class: SkullbreakerBestestStands to reason, don’t it?As Skullbreaker, complete one mission of each type on Malice Threat or higher
Class: PreacherBy the God-Emperor!May he witness your deeds.As Preacher, complete one mission of each type on Malice Threat or higher
Class: PsykineticIncomparableYou are a god among lesser mortals.As a Psykinectic, complete one mission of each type on Malice Threat or higher
Class: SharpshooterDutifulDuty’s a soldier’s only true companion.As a Sharpshooter, complete one mission of each type on Malice Threat or higher
AccountConvictYou survived. That’s something.Complete Path of Trust Chapter 1
AccountCanon FodderMissions under your belt and still breathing? Fancy that.Complete Path of Trust Chapter 2
AccountPossibly UsefulMorrow assumed you’d be dead by now.Complete Path of Trust Chapter 3
AccountAlmost ValuableZola might remember your name when you perish.Complete Path of Trust Chapter 4
AccountStill ExpendableDon’t kid yourself. You’re going to die here.Complete Path of Trust Chapter 5
HereticsHammer of the TraitorsThe Moebian 6th have a bounty on your head.Kill 25K Scabs
HereticsStopping the RotAs long as it can die, you’ll kill it.Kill 50K Poxwalkers and other Terrors of the Warp
HereticsExtirpatorNo mercy for the Enemy Within.Kill 25K Dregs
MissionsPatrol AdeptYou are ready to handle anything.Penance Reward – The Legend Grows 1: complete a mission of each type on Sedation Threat or higher
MissionsOnslaught AdeptThere isn’t a mission you can’t master.Penance Reward – The Legend Grows 2: complete a mission of each type on Malice Threat or higher
MissionsExterminatus AdeptMorrow’s almost proud. Not that he’d ever say.Penance Reward – The Legend Grows 3: complete a mission of each type on Damnation Threat
MissionsOperativeTertium thanks you for your service.Penance Reward – Atoman Auxilia 1: complete 100 missions
MissionsExperienced OperativeYour deeds are known, if not your face.Penance Reward – Atoman Auxilia 2: complete 250 missions
MissionsInspiring OperativeYou are spoken of in the shadows.Penance Reward – Atoman Auxilia 4: complete 1000 missions
MissionsPeerless OperativeYour name will line in memory… As long as Tertium survives.Penance Reward – Atoman Auxilia 5: complete 1,500 missions
MissionsHazard HunterYou heed no danger.Penance Reward – Adept to the Environment: complete 500 Special Condition missions
MissionsPack GroxFetch and carry? If that’s what it takes.Penance Reward – Raid Party: complete 250 Raid missions
MissionsBringing the BoomExplosives and heretics go together beautifully.Penance Reward – Strike Force: complete 250 Strike missions
MissionsSeeker of Arch HereticsThe bigger they are, the deeper the satisfaction.Penance Reward – Seek, Locate, Destroy: complete 250 Assassination missions
MissionsAuspex AdeptJust remember to hold it the right way up.Penance Reward – No Stone Unturned: complete 250 Investigation missions
MissionsRuthless InterrogatorYour efficiency has been noted commended.Penance Reward – Disruptive Behaviour: complete 250 Disruption missions
MissionsInterrogator AdeptYou’ll be a data-interrogator too… One day.Penance Reward – Master of Intrigue: complete 250 Espionage missions
MissionsReady For ActionAn Operative is always on duty.Penance Reward – Omnissiah’s Hand: complete 250 Repair missions
OffensiveSkull TakerKilling comes easily to some.Kill 100K enemies
OffensiveSkull HoarderThe heretics fear your name.Kill 250K enemies
DefensiveEvasiveThe first rule of warfare: don’t get hit.Dodge 20 attacks without taking damage
DefensiveResilientLet them come. You can weather any storm.Block 900 damage in 10 seconds
DefensiveIndefatigableYou don’t know how to quit.Complete 15 missions in a row without being downed on Malice difficulty or higher
TeamGuardianYou have a reputation for looking after your own.Rescue a total of 10 Operatives
TeamSelfless GuardianThe team comes first; the mission, second.Rescue a total of 50 Operatives
TeamThe Emperor’s OwnTeamwork’s the path to victoryComplete 100 missions without anyone being downed
TeamNo One Left BehindIt’s lonely enough on Atoma without leaving teammates behind.Help 1000 downed Operatives back up

Now you have your profile frame sorted, get the best out of Warhammer 40K: Darktide with our graphics settings recommendations.

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