After managing to create a game that was downloaded 7 million times, Japanese developers from ATeam were obviously going to release a new game in the same universe. The new game is called Dark Rebirth and it certainly hopes to climb even higher than its extremely successful brother, Dark Summoner.

Described as a “follow up” to Dark Summoner, Dark Rebirth will see many familiar monsters being brought back into play, as well as well known items, but the style of gameplay is brand-new. Utilizing the simple and unique input methods allowed by smartphones, players navigate through the game’s beautifully-rendered 3D dark fantasy world. The world setting is further deepened by the original music created specifically for Dark Rebirth by popular Japanese rock duo VAMPS. Dark Rebirth can be enjoyed by RPG veterans and genre newcomers alike – or at least this is what ATeam promise.


Judging from the launch trailer which can be seen at the top of this article, Dark Rebirth does manage to deliver the good looks and feel like a real improvement over the original. It’s just worth seeing if the RPG fans who already have the first game will make the transition to the sequel after spending so much time and possibly money to get their stats up. My guess is that they will, or if not they will at least give the game a try.

If you are interested in testing Dark Rebirth yourself, it’s available as a free download in the iTunes store, so give it a try, at least for the succulent boobsy boss girl they promote in the screenshots.



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