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In today’s article we are going to share with you our Dark Domain Deify guide to help you pick the best ones for your character and class, and learn exactly where you can acquire them! 

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Since all of the Deifies have different stats, we are going to go through all of them and all of their skills as well. But first, we will go through the basics just in case you want to learn everything including the very basic tips! So, let’s get started with our Dark Domain Deify guide!

Dark Domain – What are Deifies?

Deifies are guardians which help you fight and boost some of your character’s stats. Every player can have a maximum of one Deify activated at once, so even if you collected all of them, you can only have one active.

Basically once you gathered enough rage, you can transform into the Deify you have equipped and your skills will be replaced with the Deify’s skills for a certain period of time, letting you become more powerful.

Dark Domain – All Deifies & how to get them:


CP: 10000
HP: 1000
DEF: 60
ATK: 140


– Holy Slash: Sweeps the front area with the sword ray dealing damage equal to % of ATK.
– Triple Calibur: Attacks in a fan shaped area 3 times, dealing damage equal to % of ATK.
– Judgement Fury: Rips the earth with Angel’s sword dealing damage equal to % of ATK and becoming invincible for some time.

Obtain from: You get Archangel when you start the game.

Beast Master

CP: 9900
Crit: 40
Hit: 80
ATK: 126


– Bloody Rampage: Boils the blood of beast decreasing the DEF and increasing the ATK for some time.
– Vicious Blow: Attacks in a fan shaped area 3 times, dealing damage equal to % of ATK.
– Dead Gust: Wields the axe to attack surrounding enemies 8 times dealing damage equal to % of ATK.

Obtain from: Claim from new server login rewards.


CP: 9900
ATK: 126
Hit: 80
Anti-Crit: 40


– Wild Rush: Dashes forward, dealing damage equal to % of ATK and repels enemies.
– Rain of Tranquility: Uses the power of Moon to heal surrounding allies, restoring HP equal to % of ATK.
– Wind Wound: Shoots arrows to deal damage equal to % of ATK to targets in front and repels them 5m away.

Obtain From: Claim from new server login rewards.


CP: 10000
DEF: 190
HP: 2700
Dodge: 80


– Oppressive Roar: Roars at the surrounding enemies dealing damage equal to % of ATK and forces enemies to self attack.
– God Descend: Summons Colossus to enhance DEF for some time.
– Kop Smash: Smashes the ground with Frost Hammer dealing damage equal to % of ATK and knocks the enemies down.

Obtain from: Completing chapter 7.


CP: 9900
DEF: 150
HP: 1700
Dodge: 80
Anti-crit: 40


– Thunderbolt: Strikes enemies ahead with thunder dealing damage equal to % of ATK and stuns them.
– Corrupted Mud: Attacks circular area 3 times dealing damage equal to % of ATK and slows down targets for some time.
– Poseidon Power: Attacks enemies with Poseidon’s Power 4 times dealing damage equal to % of ATK.

Obtain from: Completing chapter 8.


CP: 11631
ATK: 158
HP: 600
Crit: 40
DMG Buff: 1%


– Reaper Zone: Deals % of ATK and obtains Death Halo that deals % of ATK for a few seconds.
– Scarlet Slash: Attacks the area in front 3 times dealing damage equal to % of ATK and stunning the enemies.
– Evil Tangle: Releases a number of devils to attack the front area 9 times dealing damage equal to % of ATK.

Obtain from: Obtained when all the other Guardian Deifies reached grade 3.


CP: 10433
ATK: 100
DEF: 110
HP: 1500
DMG Buff: 1%


– Agony Curse: Deals damage to enemies ahead equal to % of ATK and curses them, reducing all their stats for 3 seconds.
– Incinerate: Summons the flame of hell to attack the enemies in front dealing damage equal to % of ATK and slowing them.
– Doomsday: Rips the earth with Fallen Angel’s Sword dealing damage equal to % of ATK.

Obtain from: Collecting 200 Datenshi Shards (You obtain Datenshi Shards from playing the board game Playground in Wonderland).

Now that you can see all of the guardians in game, you can decide which you prefer to play and use depending on which benefits you the most. Of course, the Reaper and Datenshi are the most powerful in terms of CP and skills, but the others are not bad either. 

For example, if you are focused on healing, then Artemis will benefit you more – or if you are a dedicated tank, then Colossus is the one to go for. But either way, you should try to change them depending on what you need at the moment and also depending on what instance you are doing (be it bosses, botting and so on). 

This would be all about the Dark Domain Deifies and Deify guide! Don’t forget to check out our Dark Domain game guide to learn more about the game and learn how you can further improve your character’s CP!

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