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Dark Domain Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Dark Domain tips and cheats to help you gain more CP (Combat Power) and help you become more powerful, as well as level up quickly.

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In this game you will have the opportunity to test your powers in a very interesting game, fighting all kinds of beasts and allying with unique pets, riding unique mythical beast mounts and other cool stuff. 

If you like RPGs and especially ones where you don’t have to exactly walk everywhere, and rather let the game do that for you, then you’re in luck because this is exactly how Dark Domain is! So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Dark Domain tips and tricks right here below!

Quickly start with the quests

The sooner you start doing the main quest, the faster you will gain tons of EXP and level up, so I definitely suggest that you start with the main quest ASAP. After you get the hold of it, you will start leveling up like crazy (and what I mean by that is level 50 within a few good minutes fast).

Start completing the side quests also whenever possible, because later on in the game you will need to complete them anyway, so that is going to help. Ah, and if you don’t want to complete them now, you can do them later on, when the quest level is too high and you can’t really progress until you’ve reached a certain level. 

In my opinion the best you can do is this:

– complete the main quests

– complete the dungeons as soon as you unlock them (except the EXP dungeon)

– complete the daily tasks (more details about this below)

– complete the side quests

Daily tasks are super important

There are 20 daily tasks that you can complete every day, and I suggest that you take your time to do them, because they will give you some super good rewards, not only for completing them, but also because every 5 quests you will receive a surprise roulette which lets you spin to gain some random good rewards.

After completing the 20th daily quest, the surprise roulette will give you a Bound Diamonds roulette, which can give up to 200 Bound Diamonds! I definitely suggest that you complete all 20, because they are super easy (like killing 20-30 monsters) and the rewards will be well worth it.

Keep the game open to claim a lot of Bound Diamonds

In the game there are online rewards, which you can claim for simply staying in game for certain periods of time. I suggest that you keep the game open to claim the last 2 rewards, because they are a total of 300 Bound Diamonds. It’s definitely worth getting them.

Oh, and as for the other online rewards, they aren’t bad either: Panda Mount, outfits and other CP increasing items, they will definitely come in handy no matter what you will do in game. So, yeah… just stay online and claim them!

Check out the Dwarf Shop and make your free spin!

In the top side of the screen you will see something like a lotto, called a Dwarf Shop. Here you can spin the roulette once for free every day, and I definitely want you to remember to do this every day, because you can get anything from super powerful insignia and red gears, to souls, essences and crystals.

This Dwarf Shop can be available more times if you have a Store Key (one costs 60 Diamonds, not Bound Diamonds), so if you are a free player, it will be significantly harder to obtain some of these goodies – hence you should take advantage of the free spin every day.

Get good gears and equip them

There are several types of gear in game, and they are ranked by color. The best gears in game are ranked like this: red -> yellow -> purple -> blue. The red is the best gear, and you can obtain it in various ways, from world boss to Dwarf Shop and in some paid ways (for premium players).

You can find the raid dungeons in the main interface and depending on your level, you can choose which one to go for. They all have certain gear types which they can drop, so depending on which set you want to aim for, try and farm that boss and pray to the RNG gods that it will drop and you get the kill.

I suggest that once your chances to enter a raid dungeon for boss are up, do it. And don’t be afraid to pk the other players, because they won’t hesitate either. This might sound like a mean move, but I’ll detail more about how to always get the boss kills below.

How to do the Raid dungeons effectively

Since you have a limited time that you can defeat the bosses and claim rewards, I suggest that you don’t waste your chances when you can get the kills super easy. Since I love PvP in games, it turns out that this area lets you make the other players’ lives hard by killing them when fighting the boss.

This is one way that you can get the boss kill (possibly) and also have fun while doing it (but it is mean, so if you don’t like PvP, it might not be for you):

– You see the boss timers on the left side of the screen once you teleport to the Raid. (in the Quest tab, not Team)

– There you can see who is currently tanking the boss (if it is spawned), or if it is not spawned, you can see how long until it spawns. 

– Once you locked onto the boss you want to kill (for the possible rewards), head on there and check how quickly it is getting killed – if there are other players attacking it, or if there are no other players attacking it, you can start fighting it yourself.

– The bosses got 10x HP (at full health), so if the boss is at x1 or x2 HP, then it means it is getting low. You have two things you can do in this situation: firstly, you can try and attack it and pray that you take the kill by landing the last hit, or start killing the player dealing the damage. 

Even if it sounds like a mean move, this area is PvP free, so you can kill the others and take the boss aggro yourself, while they did most of the work. This is something that will most definitely not make the others happy, but it works, so if you want the gears, then don’t be afraid to PK them because they will do the same. 

Also, if you find yourself attacked by the others, you can do two things: run away to get out of the hit area or try to kill them before they kill you. This depends on your gears and PvP experience, so it’s all up to you.

A few extra Dark Domain tips and tricks:

– Log in every day to claim super useful rewards. They vary from deities to wings and mounts, so make sure you log in up to day 7, even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day.

– When you have extra gold, spend it to increase your Blood Pool. This is basically your HP, and whenever you make a new purchase, your HP increases by 5%. This also increases your HP Recovery, so try to do it whenever you got 5000 gold extra that you don’t need immediately.

– When you are out of gold, get in the Gold Dungeon! Here you can fight the waves of chests and thieves to get some gold, and depending on how many chances left you got, you can even quickly complete it without fighting (after you reached S rank by finishing it once).

These would be all of our Dark Domain tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know any more game tips that you would like to share with us? Make sure you leave them down in the comments section below!

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