Yamada-kun has recently taken charge of his life. That means he’s quit (read: was fired) his dead end job and started to develop his own game. Dandy Dungeon is a wacky, offbeat puzzle RPG game with lots and lots of quirky humor. You’ll help Yamada-kun develop his game by actually playing through the levels he develops. Life doesn’t stop though, and thankfully Yamada-kun has a tendency to gain inspiration from the random occurrences in his life! Ready to launch Yamada-kun’s career? Let’s get started with our Dandy Dungeon cheats, tips and tricks stratey guide!

1. Always  go for perfect clears!


If you can route yourself throughout the entire grid before you reach the floor’s exit, you’ll perfect clear it! Always try to do this because for every square that you miss on the way to the exit, you take some damage. It’s okay early on to miss a couple of tiles as you won’t take that much damage, but later in the game you can really cripple yourself for the next floor if you miss too many. Not only that, but perfect clearing a floor nets you some sweet bonus gold! Additionally you’ll naturally keep your items charged and ready to go in case you need them.

2. Gear guide!

  • When equipping items, keep an eye on Yamada-kun. If you see the word “SKILL!” pop up next to him upon changing weapons, that means said weapon has a special property to it. If you tap and hold on a weapon, you can see what the special skill does. For example, the Iron Spear has Charge Attack, which lets Yamada-kun attack two spaces in front of him. These weapons are very useful so consider upgrading them!
  • Completing armor sets will grant you passive bonuses. For example, completing the Iron Armor set will give you one more DEF point. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of set bonuses versus pure stats.
  • Keep in mind that certain weapons won’t have skills unlocked right away. You’ll need to upgrade the weapon to a certain level before you can utilize it. You can see what level it needs to be at in the info screen. Pretty handy!

3. Be careful with your spells and items!

You’ve probably noticed that the more you use an item or spell, the longer its cooldown becomes. Eventually if you keep using that same item/spell, it will begin to flash red. At this point the item/spell has a chance of breaking upon the next activation. Be careful! Broken spells and items are broken forever, so make sure you’re not heading into a new dungeon with items and spells on the verge of breaking.

If you’re vigilant, you can hang critical items and sell them after you leave a dungeon. Broken items stay in your inventory and can be used as upgrade materials for your gear.

4. Watch out for critical hits!

While Yamada-kun critically hits based on chance, enemies work a little differently. If you’ve been fighting an enemy for a while, you’ll see a number in a purple balloon appear over them. This number represents turns and once it hits zero, the enemy will land a guaranteed critical hit on you!

Be very careful about these as they can quickly turn a good run into a bad one. Sleep spells like the appropriately named Sleep and Nerberus are useful for stopping these crits dead in their tracks.

5. Use the right upgrade materials!

Occasionally you’ll find weapon specific ore in chests. When you use these ores to upgrade a weapon that matches, they’ll get more experience than normal. For example, using a a Sword Ore to upgrade a sword will give you a lot more experience. Be sure you’re using the right materials! There are even some materials that are better to sell than use to upgrade, such as the Gold Bars.

6. Exploit weaknesses!

The ghoulies you find in the dungeons actually have types. Certain weapons can hit enemy weaknesses, but you’ll need to plan ahead in order to take advantage of this. If you know a floor has a certain enemy you’re having trouble with, look them up in the Monster Shelf. The icon next to their HP is their typing. As an example, the Fire Sword is effective against leaf and skull-type enemies. As always you can look up this info in the weapon info box.

That’s all for Yamada-kun’s adventure! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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