We love ourselves some good old fashion rhythm games – bonus points if they’re funny too!¬†PARADE! looks exactly to be that kind of game, so we’re more than happy to march along this wacky parade full of dancing animals.

As the newly appointed parade leader of a wild animal pack, it’s up to you to help them discover their inner musicians and dance to victory! You’ll start off in a small city, but once you master your rhythms you’ll move on and journey across the world!

To keep the challenge going, you’ll come face to face with over 30 animals with their own rhythm patterns. They won’t join your pack until you prove that you’re a groove machine, so get down and show them how to dance!

PARADE! features some pretty intense dancing. You’ll have to tap on the screen to the beat and swipe left, up, down, and all around to get your booty shaking. Stay on your toes – the game will sometimes throw in sudden obstacles like camera angle changes and blurred vision. You’ll have to rely on your sense of rhythm to get through!

PARADE! is marching onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today, so grab it and party like an animal!


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