The meme that no one saw coming is finally a game! Damn Daniel is a challenging endless runner where play as the eponymous Daniel as he runs across shifting platforms. Even failure is funny in this game as every time you fall to your doom, you hear the famous voice clip. We’ll help you jump your way through this damn game with our Damn Daniel cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Wait for the platforms!


You may want to instinctively jump early, but if you do this it is almost a surefire way to send yourself to your death! Instead, be a little patient and wait an extra split second to see where the platforms change. Remember that you don’t know where these platforms are going to end up, so it’s better to wait for them to shift before you jump! Of course, there’s a time for waiting and there’s a time for action. Don’t wait too long or you’ll just end up running yourself off the platform!

2. Keep an eye on Daniel!

The most common way we found ourselves dying is because we would lose track of Daniel and jump at the wrong moment. To combat this, try to keep your eyes on the left side of the screen. Focusing on Daniel will help you jump better, and it gives you just enough space to see what’s coming up ahead.

3. Look at the blocks!

If you’re having trouble judging your jumps, just take a look at the platforms. The platforms are made up of a bunch of tiny blocks, and looking at them might help you judge your jumps better. Wait until Daniel reaches the last block of a platform then jump. You should make it to the next platform most of the time.

4. Horizontal reach is better!

There will be times where platforms will sink downward and a platform will be coming up. You may instinctively try to jump before you reach the segment where the platforms start to lower. Don’t do this! It’ll make you miss the jump. Instead, follow the platform to the very last block and jump. Even though the lowered platform makes it look like you might not make it, you’ll have the horizontal advantage. Keep in mind that Daniel does not jump very far, but he does jump pretty high.

5. Ads for easy coins!

If you’re so inclined, you can watch an advertisement after each attempt to earn an automatic 20 coins. This is probably the easiest way of earning coins, as even when you’re good they’re pretty hard to come by during the actual game. The unlocks cost 100 coins and they unlock variations of Daniel’s outfit.

That’s all for Damn Daniel! Patience and practice are key to this meme-inspired game. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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