Cyber Hunter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Defeat All Opponents

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In today’s article we are going to tell you everything you need to know in order to win the battle royale and be the last man standing. Since this is a typical battle royale game, you will be looking to survive for as long as possible, while also taking down all the enemies that show up your way.

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So we are going to tell you all of our best game strategies that you could follow and tell you everything you need to know in order to take down all the opponents you see and climb up that ladder. It might take a little while getting used to the game, and I suggest that you take your time.

If you want to reach the top, it will not be easy and it will require quite a bit of dedication and time invested because it there are people who put a lot of effort and are extremely competitive. Do you fit that description? Then you are all set! 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into our Cyber Hunter tips and tricks to help you become the best!

Practice is super important

You should first practice as much as you can before you decide to get super serious. So what I mean by this is that you do your best to first explore the map at the beginning of the game and learn what every important point is. 

After you have located the important places, you can try looking for weapons and medicine packs because they will come in handy more than you think. The best would be to not get super into the game, and rather get used to it. This should be your practice and once you are confident in the controls and the locations you need to scout, then you can try to aim higher.

Of course, the game does have a Training mode, but in my opinion it’s better if you practice in actual games. This worked for me much better, because just thinking that there is a game where you have nothing to lose, you will ease up – when you should stay focused.

However, you can practice (and should!) the weapons to see which one fits your play style best and always try to look for these weapons in the actual games.

First you should look for supplies 

Yep, exactly that. Look for medical packs to help you heal, look for weapons and ammo as well. They can be found in locations such as tables, inside little encampments, buildings, warehouses and other locations all throughout the map. 

Every now and then there will be chests delivered through the air in a random map location and these chests can contain super rare and useful armors and weapons. Try to always pick up as many useful things as you can, and hold on to them and use them in such a way to never run out of ammo (because that would suck if you were in the middle of a fight). 

When the zone in shrinking and you’re out, do this!

The safe zone will be constantly shrinking, and if you happen to be outside of it, then you’re pretty much done – unless you have med packs and hopefully a vehicle nearby. The important thing is to always be in the safe zone. You could try to avoid this at start, by dropping in the middle of the map – or around it.

But if you are in a position that you need to reach the safe zone from, then you need to start running. Right away! When outside of the safe area, your HP will drop continuously until you are dead. Med packs work to heal you, so use them if this happens. 

Once you see a vehicle, you should definitely run to it and try to get away from there ASAP. While spamming med packs, and once you reach the safe zone, then don’t stop at the edge, but a little more further away from it (inside the area). 

High areas beat the low ones

While indeed higher areas will be a little bit more dangerous, they are also much, much better than the lower ones. For example, if you are sitting on a building you will have a better view over your surroundings so it’s going to be way better to be able to see everything.

The lower areas are way more dangerous because people who are above will spot you much faster, while you might not be able to see them – in time or at all. I always prefer to find some higher spot that I can sit in and snipe people, because you can actually shoot people miles and miles away without them noticing you.

Try mastering a sniper

And that takes us to this next point. This is, in my opinion, one of the best and safest weapons in game (as safe as a weapon could be at least). Find a good spot that you can sit in and wait for your targets. 

This should be somewhere high where you can have a good view over a good area around you, while you can still hide behind walls or trees or whatever else is in that area. You can lay down to help make you more difficult to spot, and try checking all of your surroundings for incoming enemies.

With a sniper however you will need a bit of practice, especially if the target is moving. You should think as the Punisher, and try to make every bullet count. This will help you not give your location away with ease and also help save ammo. 

Follow bullet tracks

If you have ever been shot at, then you most definitely know that you can trace their location by simply watching the direction they coming from. If you are getting shot at, then try to see the location ASAP and look for shelter from it. 

That’s why it is important that if you play with a sniper, you shouldn’t shoot too often and give away your location, and instead use as few bullets as possible to conceal your location.

Don’t be a sitting duck

No matter what weapon you are wielding, you should keep moving at all times if you have been spotted. The more you move the more difficult it will be for the opponents to target you. Also, try to use your surroundings to hide and don’t be in open field for too long.

Be careful when using vehicles

Whenever you are getting on vehicles, think about this: even if you are fast, your enemies will see you much easier. That means that even if you’re fast, they can still track you down and shoot at you. A vehicle is both good and bad in its own ways, so be extra careful when you choose to use them.

When the zone is shrinking, it always gets more dangerous

Keep this in mind, because it is super important: whenever the area is shrinking, all people are looking to move to the center to be safe for longer. While this area is safer from the shrinking zone, it is not so safe when it comes to other players.

It’s always more dangerous inside the mid area of the shrinking safe zone, because many people are setting base around here from the very beginning. That means that ever since landing, some people are seeking snipers and scoping the area around them for “intruders” – a.k.a. other players.

If you are looking to be in one of those areas, or to run into them, be very careful of the higher spots because there might be players hidden up there. The high spots are always more sought after.

These would be all of our Cyber Hunter tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Share them with us down in the comments section below! 

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Cyber Hunter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Defeat All Opponents

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