gengar in a cooks outfit
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Cutest Pokemon Halloween Goodies You Should Splurge On

These are the cutest items from the Pokemon Center.

Every once in a while, we at Touch Tap Play like to browse the just arrived section of the Pokemon Center website to see what’s new and fun there. They never disappoint when it comes time for Halloween, and we’ve rounded what we think are the best items for the spooky season that you should grab. These are the cutest Halloween goodies you should splurge on.

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Pumpkin Celebration Pikachu

a pumpkin pikachu
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Themed Pikachus are one of the most popular items Pokemon Center sells. Wearing a top hat decorated with an adorable Pika ghost, this themed Pikachu is all ready for the party. Celebrate the season by adding them to your collection today!

A Candy Bowl With Pumpkins Shaped Like Pokemon

A pokemon candy bowl
Credit to the Pokemon Company

No tricks here, just treats! This adorable bowl is perfect for putting your Halloween candy in whether you’re giving it out or collecting it. We won’t judge if it’s the latter, free candy is free candy!

A Ghost Pokemon Sign

a poster with ghost type pokemon
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Oh dear, looks like some mischievous spirits nibbled on this. Appreciators of Ghost Pokemon should add this cool sign to their space, that way you can celebrate all year!

A Poison Pokemon Poster

poison pokemon
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Ghosts can’t have all the fun! This poster displays some of the coolest Poison Pokemon that exist, including the very underrated Garbodor. It’s perfect for your dorm room or gaming space.

The Haunted Village Set

A pokemon village set
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Missed out on the Disney Halloween set from Costco? We’ve got something better. Let’s say you’re not really a plushie person but still want something decorative, these statues from the Haunted Village collection are the perfect addition to a seasonal display.

Gengar In A Chef Costume

Gengar in a cooks outfit
Credit to the Pokemon Company

Let him cook! Gengar is the original ghost Pokemon and continues to be loved by fans of the franchise. So, when a plush of him in a chef’s outfit came out, our hearts were won. He’s ready to make some spooky treats with you.

Greavard Sitting In A Pumpkin

greavard from pokemon
Credit to the Pokemon Company

You need a Greavard to match the one you probably recently caught in Pokemon Go, and what better than one in a pumpkin? This cute little puppy is all dressed for the party, going as his evolved form Houndstone. He’s the star of this year, so bring him home today.

Hopefully one of these adorable items caught your eye, all are directly on the Pokemon Center website. Grab your favorite before it sells out today!

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Cutest Pokemon Halloween Goodies You Should Splurge On