After a long wait (and a spin-off game), Om Nom is finally back in the new Cut The Rope 2. As fans of the first game expect, Om Nom is once again ready to eat all the candies he can, only that this time he is going to venture outside his comfortable box and travle through some unique locations.

While the basic gameplay hasn’t changed much, some additions make the experience more engaging like the helpful Nommies and more.

The following tip and tricks will help you ff you are having trouble with the game or simply want to get informed on the game. Ready your finger folks: it’s time to cut some ropes.


The five Nommies all come with a unique ability that will help you in specific situations.

  • Lick has the ability to use his tongue to form bridges for candies and other objects.
  • Boo has the power to scare the poor Om Nom, forcing him to jump.
  • Roto can carry mutliple objects, candies and even Om Nom
  • Toss can throw items upwards, candies included
  • Blue has the power to clone himself. The clones can be stacked and lift objects in the air.


During the course of the game you will encounter many different objects that will hinder you or help you on your quest. Knowing how to deal with them will certainly be helpful in getting those three stars in each stage as soon as possible.

  • Logs can be used to push or knock other objects. Be careful, as even Om Nom can be pushed by the logs.
  • Baloons allow Om Nom to get higher: the more baloons, the higher he’ll climb. By touching the baloons you can pop them and drop altitude.
  • Bellows are used to send bursts of air which can move objects in the vicinity and even Om Nom himself.
  • Magnets do exactly what you would expect. They’re simply used to attract candy. Most of the times they appear in a stage, they’re required to complete it.
  • Planks are another type of object that do exactly what you would expect. Tehy’re used to form bridges for candy and other objects.


Collecting clovers is probably the hardest thing to do in the game, aside from getting the three stars in each stage. Collecting them serves more than just completing the game to 100%, as they’re used to unlock secret levels at the bottom of each level pack.

Extra Missions

Completing a stage with three stars doesn’t mean that you’re done with it. Many of the game’s stages also include some special missions that will require you to complete the stage while clearing a specific objective. Complete these missions requires quite a bit of skills, so it’s better to them only after having mastered the stage.


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