Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2, the sequel of the succesful game developed by Zepto Labs, is going to be released in a brand new form in the near future.

The team has released a few hours ago a Freemium version of Cut The Rope 2 on the Canadian App Store. This means that the game is now available in both Premium and Freemium forms on the Canadian App Store and, most likely, soon in all the other regions.

Cut The Rope 2 Freemium is obviously available for free but we should expect it to be full of IAPs. The Premium also came with some, but the Freemium version is surely going to include more of them.

Earlier this year, Zeptolab actually removed some IAPs from the Premium version of Cut The Rope 2 with an update. Before the update, the only way players had to access secret stages was through in-app purchases, a somewhat unfair practice that effectively locked content behind a paywall. Following the update, the secret stages can be unlocked with both medals and clover leaves.

Cut The Rope 2 is now available on the App Store. The Freemium version, now available on the Canadian App Store, will become available soon in all the other regions.



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