Bruno the Bear is trying to wreck havoc on the Christmas cookies! Stop him from ruining Christmas and stealing Santa’s sweets in another match-3 puzzler, Cupcake Mania Christmas! We’ll help you save the holidays with our Cupcake Mania Christmas cheats, tips and trick strategy guide!

1. Use the bonus multiplier!

Making a match with provide bonuses to the surrounding cupcakes. The number next to the cupcakes represents how much they’re increased by, and if you match those cupcakes immediately after they’ve been charged, you’ll match a large amount! Cupcakes only stay charged for the turn after they’ve been boosted though, so you must match them immediately – otherwise they lose their bonuses!

2. Use Sugar Rushes!

Whenever you match four cupcakes, you’ll create a sugar rush tile. When matching cupcakes that are on top of the sugar rush tile, whatever cupcakes you need to pass the level are charged across the whole board. For example, if you need green cupcake to beat the level, all green cupcakes will be immediately given a +1 charge. Useful for getting those last cupcakes!

3. Make Sprinkle Shocks!

Sprinkle shocks are created when you match cupcakes in a “L”, “+”, or “T” shaped fashion. These tiles have four arrows pointing out, and when activated will shoot out a beam horizontally and vertically, matching all cupcakes in the way. These are great for clearing out junk cupcakes you don’t need.

4. Utilize the amazing CupQuake!

Matching five cupcakes will result in the ultimate CupQuake, a rainbow tile. Matching a cupcake on top of the cupquake will make all cupcakes of that color on the board immediatly pop and match. You don’t get many chances to make cupquakes, but if you can, they will almost guarantee you passing the level.

5. Don’t give up! Keep trying!

Due the nature of these kind of puzzle games, sometimes you just won’t be able to clear a level on your first play through. When it looks like you’re about to fail a level because you aren’t getting the right pieces, just keep going. You never know when luck is going to turn up for you and things just might go your way!

6. Complete challenges to earn rewards!

Sometimes levels will have challenges at the bottom of the screen before you start them. Completing them nets you a key, and once you earn 5 keys, you get to open a chest full of power ups. Sometimes these challenges are external, where they ask you to download a separate game. You can go ahead and do these if you like, but we prefer to just do the in-game challenges, such as the ones that require you to get a certain amount of stars on a level.

With that, you should be able to save Christmas! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Happy Holidays everyone!



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