Cult of the Lamb: All Endings Guide


Cult of the Lamb is an exciting rogue-like game where you can become a leader of a cult. The game allows you to travel across different locations and fight with various opponents. At the end of your playthrough, you will have to face the final boss called The One Who Waits. This creature will start a dialogue and your answers will decide which ending you will get. So, this guide will tell you about all endings in Cult of the Lamb.

All Ending in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a huge game that allows you to encounter many interesting characters. Also, this project has a few endings and you will be able to obtain any of them at the end of your playthrough.

The One Who Waits is the final boss and the character that has a crucial impact on the ending you will receive. Before you start to fight with this creature you will have to choose one of two options that determine your ending. So, let’s take a closer look at all outcomes!

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1 – The Lamb is Sacrificed

The first ending is the shortest one. The One Who Waits will ask you to kneel and give up your Red Crown. If you do it you will free this creature and it will kill your lamb. So, this is the worst ending and we recommend you choose another option and start the final boss fight.

2 – Murdered Boss

The second ending requires you to say no to The One Who Waits. If you do it you will trigger the fight against the final boss. After you defeat The One Who Waits you will be able to choose his outcome. The first option is to murder the creature and receive its powers.

3 – Spared Boss

The last ending can be achieved the same way as the previous one. You will need to defeat The One Who Waits and choose to spare him. After that, The One Who Waits will be teleported to your base and you will get an opportunity to convert him.

As you can see, this game has three endings and all of them are quite interesting. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the one you want to get. Also, you could read our guide on how to replay bosses in Cult of the Lamb. Good luck with your further fight against The One Who Waits!

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Cult of the Lamb: All Endings Guide


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