If Breakout and Puzzle Bobble had a puzzle action game baby, it would be Piffle! In this block breaking arcade game, you will guide your little cat friend through levels and levels of blocks. Aim, shoot, and break all of the blocks!

The goal of Piffle is simple: break ALL of the blocks? Sounds easy, right? It’s simple to get the hang of, but you’ll be surprised at the amount challenge some of these levels are packing!

The controls are easy! Swipe to change the shot trajectory, then release to launch your Piffle balls into the air! The Piffles will bounce off the blocks they hit, so make sure that you’ve taken their angles into consideration before you let them loose.

Beating the levels is straightforward enough, but if you want the most amount of points you gotta do with style! Whenever your Piffles bounce off an object or wall, they will add onto your bounce combo. When the Piffles are finished bouncing, that combo is added as a multiplier onto whatever points you got from anything destroyed in the way.

And since we’re on the subject of style, you can even collect materials to create new Piffles! Each Piffle is controlled and shot by your cat, but they’re just as cute and cuddly! There are lots of Piffles to discover, so find the one that suits you!

Piffle bounces onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today!


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