Crossy Road is an endless “cross the street” type of game that will make us fondly remember the days when Frogger was simple and addictive. I am glad to see Crossy Road, though, a complete evolution of the genre and a really great title. But we’re here to talk some Crossy Road cheats and tips, not to review the game, so let’s see if there’s any advice that I can give you to help you play better.

The truth is that it’s mostly up for you to keep on going, but there are a few things to consider when playing the game to improve your performance, so read on for some Crossy Road tips and tricks!


1. Don’t wait for too long
I know that sometimes you need to wait for the obstacles to line up perfectly, but make sure that you don’t take too long or the game will penalize you and you’ll have to start over: if you spend too much time waiting, the eagle will come and grab you!

2. Learn to swipe
Although you can make your character move forward by simply tapping the screen, it’s best to learn to control by swiping: swipe upwards to go up, downwards to return to the previous position and swipe to the left or right to move in that direction. This helps a lot in tight situations where you will instinctively swipe and get out of trouble.

3. Go after the coins
Even though the main goal of the game is to get a score as high as possible, you also need coins to unlock new animals to play as, and there’s quite a lot of them. So make sure that you create your path in such a way that you get all the coins that you can.

4. Find the openings
Every set of obstacles will have an opening that is easier or more difficult to find. Your goal is to find it as soon as possible and act fast. Sometimes, you will have to jump head first into the traffic and simply make your way through the cars, other times you will have to wait for the perfect time, and them sprint forward. Try to mix the strategy with the increased pace and you will get far.

5. Characters don’t matter
Unfortunately, unlocking new characters doesn’t bring you anything new in terms of gameplay, but it’s the game’s only challenge: to keep on going in order to unlock them all. So choose your favorite character and play with it, it has no stats or anything else to change the game for you.

As I was saying, there is not much to talk about in terms of strategy when it comes to Crossy Road, and we weren’t able to find – at least for now – any real cheats. But if you have a solid strategy or cheats that you want to share with us, leave a comment below!



  1. You should make a character that will help in the game to make the cars move slower and the caractrers name should be slow mow


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