You’ve never gone through a criminal case like the ones in Criminal Case: Pacific Bay! As a new member of the Pacific Bay Police, it’s your duty to investigate crime scenes and find the killers! Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is a unique blend of adventure and hidden object games. You’ll have to find hidden objects in the crime scenes to gather clues and piece together the mystery of the murders. It’s a really fun experience, so we’re here to help you get the most of it with our Criminal Case: Pacific Bay cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Study the scene!


We know time is of the utmost importance, but it’s better to study the scene beforehand and take note of as many items as you can. Look at the bottom four items and locate them before you start tapping. The reason being is because of the chain bonus. Finding multiple items consecutively will increase your score multiplier, but if you take too long between items you’ll lose it. Since the item bar at the bottom only shows four items at a time, try your best to keep note of any items you see lying around.

2. Hints!

The partner you select before you jump into an investigation scene will provide you with hints should you need them. As tempting as it is, try not to use the hints. For every segment of the hint gauge you have remaining at the end of an investigation, you’ll earn bonus points – 20,000 points per segment to be exact.

At the same time, this presents an interesting dilemma. If you’re paying attention to the points you earn at an investigation end, you’ll notice that the faster you complete the investigation overall, the more points you’ll score in the time bonus. It’s quite a lot of points too, much more than the hint bonus. If it’ll help you complete the level faster, it’ll probably be okay to use a hint.

3. Play the same crime scene repeatedly!

Each crime scene has a total of five stars for you to collect. You’ll need to pass certain score thresholds to unlock a new star. Stars can be spent to uncover more clues in your Forensic Kit. Since you’ll need to play through the crime scene a lot of times to get all five stars, we recommend sticking to one crime scene and grinding it out until all of the stars are yours. The reason being is that the crime scenes remain static; items will always be in the same place and there won’t be any new items until you advance in the current story. If you play the same crime scene over and over again, eventually you’ll start memorizing the locations of the items and successive playthroughs will be super easy for you!

4. Don’t miss!

If you tap on an invalid item, your current score multiplier will break and reset back to zero. To avoid this, be absolutely sure that you know what you’re looking for. You can tap and hold on any of the items at the bottom if you’re unfamiliar with what they’re called to see a silhouette of it. If you continue to hold until the percentage meter fills up, you’ll see a detailed, colored picture of the item in question. This takes precious seconds though and should be performed only when you can’t really make out the item from the silhouette alone.

5. Connect to Facebook!

This is one of those game where it seems like it’s mandatory to have friends who play as well. You will have a lot of energy problems early on because your maximum energy count is 100-110 and each crime scene takes 20 to play. Considering it takes at least two tries to earn a star on a level, you’ll be out of energy after two stars. If you have friends on Facebook who also play, they can help you out with energy problems.

That’s all for Criminal Case: Pacific Bay. If you have any other crime-fighting tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. I finish pacific bay with all the stars , the plane showed up and now it won’t take off to the next destination. Help


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