Fans of mobile RPGs might already be familiar with Creature Quest. Developed by VC Mobile, the game blends strategic battle with card collecting elements, all expressed through fun, colorful graphics. You can capture creatures both great and small, from magical mogs to fire-breathing dragons. Updates to improve and deepen gameplay have been a regular feature since its release last year. And this month is no exception. Here’s what’s new.

Firstly, there are three brand new creatures to look out for. Cecaelia and Siege Construct are both Legendary, whilst the new Lightning Nymph is Rare. The latter is a featured Battle Tower reward boasting a minimum of three Combo Dots.

Next up are the new automatic gameplay features. Auto-battle allows you to kick back and let your deck of creatures do the hard work, and auto-pickup snaps up the loot on quest maps straight away. That’ll make any grinding and farming you do less of a chore, though those who prefer the manual mode of play – carry on as you were.

There’s also a change to how much loot you glean from playing. Rewards now scale based on the number of surviving creatures at the end of a battle, so the better you do, the more you walk away with. A round in the Battle Tower also garners greater rewards, while new players can expect additional welcome-perks including 7-day check-in rewards and a starter Legendary creature.

Finally, there’s a whole schedule of upcoming events and dungeon challenges to look forward to. Creature Quest takes a Cupid arrow to the heart from February 9-19, when a Valentine’s Day Game take-over followed by a unique quest Battlefield of Love liven things up.

Plenty of reasons to join the fun, then. You can download Creature Quest for free from Google Play and the App Store.


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