Creature Quest’s blend of strategy and RPG has been entertaining mobile gamers since its launch in January. Now publisher VC Mobile is keeping things fresh by introducing a fun seasonal update.

There’s a time-limited quest called Poached Eggs that pits you against the Sandworm. Your set of creatures will have to tackle this Legendary foe in an effort to save the Spring Bunny’s eggs from being broken. As a reward, you could capture a Rare Kobold, a Rare Contenderoo or even an Epic Goliath Beetle. But this quest won’t be round for long, so you better get cracking.

If you decide to Diamond Summon this Easter, you might nab yourself a Bunny Box. The Bunny Box includes one of six Yellow Creatures to add to your collection, three of which are Legendary – including that egg-smashing rascal Sandworm!

Plus, this update brings with Spring Fling, an 8-day check-in reward giving you no excuse not to keep your Creature Quest going throughout April.

Aside from the seasonal events, VC Mobile have overhauled some of the existing gameplay modes in its latest update, bringing in a completely revamped Battle Tower mode as well as a three tier system to Dungeon Challenge.

Add to that new Legendary and Epic creatures to capture, it looks like there’s no better time to jump in to Creature Quest.

It’s available for free from the App Store and Google Play.


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