The Bureau of Shipping is honored to have you here, and we are so glad that you have decided to trust your delivery robots to the galaxy’s most renowned delivery corporation. The galaxy is unfortunately an unpredictable place, so we must prepare our delivery robots for every possible scenario. And by every possible scenario, we mean every possible scenario!

Levelhead, a new stylistic platformer from the creative minds that brought us Crashlands, puts players in the shoes of a corporate trainee. As a new worker of the Levelhead Division, you must train your own GR-18 robot to be prepared for any kind of delivery obstacle, and you do this by using state-of-the-art technology to develop obstacle courses.

Passionately named L. E. V. E. L, this system allows for users to create the simplest and the most intricate levels using an easy-to-use interface and simple drag and drop controls. Create everything from the platforms, the layout, the obstacles, the mechanics, and more!

Create fiery gauntlets that will melt your poor delivery robot alive, or make a spiky maze full of dastardly traps. Or if you are feeling a little zippy, you can create a speed-run centric level with non-stop running. If you are feeling merciful, you can also just create a nice little relaxing level that is safe for your robot… but where is the fun in that?

Once you are done with a level, you can publish it for the the entire galaxy to see using Levelhead’s robust online features. You can curate levels, vote for your favorites, and follow your favorite level creators. Created levels can even have leaderboards, so compete with the best of the best to show your level making know-how!

Stuck in a creative rut? Try your hand at completing the Levelhead training course, which comes with over 90 levels created by the in-game editor. Who knows – it might spark something in that mind of yours!

Levelhead is coming to iOS and Android April 30, 2020.


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