Life as we know it on the bring of extinction, and you are only one capable enough to restore the world of the pixel-art life forms in Vilmonic, a extremely deep and complex artificial life simulator featuring simple and cute pixel creatures.

To start off, you must understand the genes of the animatroids. These pixel-art life forms are not just random pixels put together – their very genes are what determine their physical appearance.

And these appearances are not just for looks! Each life form has its own metabolism and behavior, so you must keep watch over them to see how they adapt and evolve to their environments.

To help your life forms survive and thrive, you must work from within the world. Use tools to construct and craft different environments for your life forms to live in and adapt to. The environment determines how your life forms evolve, so you must tailor it to how you want them.

As your animatroids and fungals evolve, their genes are passed through each generation. The process of evolution is, as expected, a rather lengthy ordeal but you can speed it up by drinking some soda. You can also introduce toxic waste into the process to raise some potential mutations, if you are feeling a little chaotic.

Vilmonic has a rather unique core, needless to say. How will your life forms evolve? What will they act like? How will they survive? The joy of watching life evolve right before your very eyes is here now. Vilmonic is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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