Crazy Taxi: City Rush, the iOS arcade game based on the series created by SEGA, has received a new update today. The new update includes new content and features that expand the gameplay experience of the endless runner game.

The main new addition of the update is a brand new district called Hills. This district comes with an observatory, golf course and more. Not that these facilities actually matter, since the only way you will be able to interact with these is by crashing into them. When you have limited time to take citizens from one side of the city to another, playing golf is definitely something you don’t want to be doing.


The new Crazy Taxi: City Rush update also includes 5 new taxis as well as a new mentor called Cinnamon and more crazy citizens. Other notable additions are 13 new customizations, Taxi Rank missions’ tweaking and two new achievements related to the new Hills district.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is now avaiable for download on the App Store. The game manages to capture the spirit of the original Crazy Taxi games so make sure to take a look at it if you are a fan of the SEGA series.




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