Crazy Taxi: City Rush is a reboot of the popular Sega title that has now been ported to iOS. There is a lot of money to be made which in turn can be used to upgrade your vehicle, and help you progress through the game. There are many crazy people in this game that need to get somewhere in a super quick time. Your speed and all round general disregard for the road will earn you more cash. With this said read on for this Crazy Taxi: City Rush Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide and believe me there really is a method to this madness.

1. Crazy
The game rewards you on fast you can drop each passenger off. However you are also rewarded for some pretty mad antics as well. Driving into objects as well as cars can earn you a boost in regards to cash rewards, however by wary of the time and this will slow you down. A way to earn points, cause carnage and keep your speed up is by pressing the boost button situated at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You only have a finite amount of time to use the boost as it does not last very long at first and this can be measured by the green gauge. There are opportunities to increase the amount of boost you have but purchasing it as an upgrade. This is one upgrade that can pay for itself if utilized when there is lots of traffic around.


2. Taxi
The main bonus for this game is to upgrade or buy a new taxi as you advance. Eventually as you go through the fairs the area of the map will become more accessible and this will lead to more lucrative pickups. This also means more challenging levels however the ability to upgrade and tune your taxi will help you improve and progress through each level. A good tip is to spend when you need to, and wait to come across a level that is difficult to complete before you spend as you can then access what will be a better purchase in order to complete the level. Improving your engine to increase your speed might seem like the obvious upgrade; however there may be a lot of traffic to navigate through depending on the level therefore making your taxi more durable may be a better option.

3. Controls
The controls are fairly simple to get used to in order to avoid traffic or to switch between lanes you will need to swipe either left or right. Turning feels a little strange at first as you are required to press and release either the right or left of the screen depending on where you are directed. It is better to press the screen early for this as this will give you a better chance of releasing the taxi and directing it into a corner without hitting any other vehicles.

4. Gaining highest score
The reward system is split into two areas which are rank and the money earned. The main element to focus on is your speed. The highest XP is rewarded for the fastest time you can set. When XP gathers you will be upgraded to a new level and in return receives diamonds as a reward. These diamonds can be used to buy the more valuable taxis in the game and also be used for petrol, which acts similar to a life or extra turn in the taxi world. The money earned is due to several factors. There is a rating system to earn money which is configured at the end of each level, a more obvious way to earn money is by driving through the gold coins scattered across each level.

5. Large objects
When driving around sometimes a collision becomes unavoidable. You may also want to cause some collisions to be rewarded more cash at the end of the level. The best opportunity to do this is when you have allotted some time from your fairs. Also it is better to collide into smaller cars and objects as these will have less impact and ultimately slow you down less compared to bigger vans or trucks.



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