What a fun game is Crash of Cars! The best example of a pick up and play game that delivers tons of entertainment, Crash of Cars will keep you busy for hours. Simple, fun, perfect! But you can get even more out of this game and we’re here to help you get that with our Crash of Cars cheats and tips. We’ll share with you all our strategies to staying alive for as long as possible in the Arena and unlocking all cars.

It won’t be easy, but it will surely be fun! This game is mostly about your own skills and the entertainment value, but any little bit helps. Hopefully you will find our Crash of Cars tips and tricks helpful!

Your goal is to collect crowns
As fun as it is to try to destroy other cars, you main goal at first at least is to collect as many crowns as possible as these reward you with coins. Coins are the most important things in the game as they allow you to purchase new cars: 100 coins and you get to try your hand at winning a new car.

Complete missions
Soon after starting the game, you will receive daily missions. It’s three per day so make sure you complete them in order to increase your coin counts even more!

Go offline
If you find it too difficult to play against human opponents, you can go offline and play against the AI – and the rewards are still the same! In order to do so, check out the icon in the bottom right corner that says: Multiplayer On. Tap it, go offline and have fun against the AI which is easier to beat and makes it easier for you to collect extra coins.

Get free coins
There are various ways to get even more free coins in the game. One of them is connecting your game with Facebook. Another is to watch ads for 20 coins, whenever that is possible. You can also share your reply for even more coins. Take advantage of all these in order to get more coins and unlock more cars.

How to unlock cars in Crash of Cars
The main thing you will focus on at first is unlocking new cars. This is not easy, but fortunately it’s fun. You can pay some premium currency to unlock the Legendary cars and get the upper hand in battle. But you can do it for free, even though it takes longer. Simply play the game, connect as many coins as possible and go for the regular car draws that cost 100 coins each. It does take a lot longer, it’s true, but it will get you there eventually.

You can also unlock more cars by leveling up. There are two Prestige cars that you can get this way, but I don’t know what is the required level to unlock them yet.

How to survive longer in the Arena
Unless you are dropped right in the heart of the battle and you die instantly (happened here!), you can live a long and prosper if you pay attention to the surroundings and master the controls:

– Notice the arrows showing you where the opponents are – it’s wise to try and stay away from crowds on most cases.
– Learn to stop and reverse your car. Press both left and right sides of the screen – master this and you’ll get ultimate control over your card
– Know what each power-up does and use them when they matter. Don’t wait too much before using them: be fast, get a new power-up, use it and so on. Also, you can drop the active power-up if you pick a new one by tapping the power-up button. This is really important to know in case you get something way better than what you already have.
– Practice and play a lot. Skill and luck matter equally in the game, so just have fun!

These would be our tips and tricks for Crash of Cars. Do you have other strategies or suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. A few of my favorites:

    Railgun: Best to use this when you’re on one side of the map and there is a cluster of cars clear on the other side of the map.
    Spread: If you fire this at point-blank range you’re almost guaranteed to destroy that vehicle instantly.
    Flamethrower: Don’t forget that you can drop the flamethrower and it’s new fixed position will keep firing.
    Spikes: Best for close-quarters combat but when deployed a second time they shoot forward like a cannon-ball.
    Cannonballs (Forward/Rear/Side): If you have forward, chase someone. Rear, run and get someone to follow you. Side, best to circle the track with that cannon pointing towards center of map.
    Mines / Oil: Best to deploy these near power-ups and narrow areas. Or to get someone off your tail.
    Teleport / Boost / Shield: These are all great once you have a lot of crowns and are just trying to stay away from everyone.

    My favorite vehicle: The tank. The handling is superb and the -50% damage is a big help. Downside: Not very good against fast vehicles.

    • Yeah the tank is amazing! If you are driving forwards then hold one finger on one side and quickly after that hold the other finger to the other side you spin to where your cars is now driving the opposite of where you were going. This helps a lot if you are about to hit something like an explosive or something you want to stay away from. It is also really really good if you are being chased by spikes or flames and they are about to hit you or they are hitting you because you you slide just enough to where you don’t hit their car and they cannot catch up with you before there power up runs out. This is mainly for tanks because the tank is so controllable but it might work with other vehicles depending on which one it is and how you do it.


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