Cracked Crusaders Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Survive the Dungeons

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A mysterious happening has caused Milton the farmer’s sheep to all disappear, and he only has one lead! With the help of his friend Dory the Duck, the Cracked Crusaders head out on the epic journey to destroy all of the dungeon masters and find the lost sheep!

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In our Cracked Crusaders tips and tricks guide, we will go over how to get through a dungeon safely and how to get all of the stars. Cracked Crusaders is a tricky game, so let’s get started with our Cracked Crusaders cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to survive the dungeons!

Complete the dungeon and destroy the critters!

Every level in Cracker Crusaders has three stars for players to collect. The first star is awarded upon slaying the dungeon master, which is essentially clearing the level for the first time.

The second start is awarded when you take out all of the critters inside the dungeon, and the final star is awarded when you take out the dungeon master under a certain par time.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, going for the par time when it is your first time in a dungeon is near impossible. Do not worry about the par time star for now, as you can always come back later with better gear to make it easier.

The map is permanent!

Once you find the map in a dungeon, that map stays with you forever. You can leave the dungeon, complete it, or fall in battle and the map will still stay with you. The map is very important to have as it will show you the locations of all the remaining critters in the dungeon, so it is very helpful on your quest to destroying all of the enemies.

Beware of traps!

The many dungeons you will explore are littered with traps that will catch the unassuming adventurer by surprise. Take advantage of the free camera control when you touch and drag around your character to scope out the environment, scouting for any traps.

Keep an eye out for suspicious markings, like raised buttons on the floor. Stepping on these can result in an arrow getting launched at you! Watch out for all the spikes, and make sure not to get crushed by the falling spike traps, as that will result in an instant death!

Use the wall jump to get around!

The game does not hint at this until later, but if you run into a wall while midair you will notice that Milton slides against the wall. If you jump when he is doing this, you will perform a wall jump and kick off to the other side.

Using this technique, you can get to high places if the walls are close enough to each other. Just hop back and forth between the walls and you can climb up narrow shafts!

Use the right weapon for the job!

Each weapon has its own purpose, and you will do well to know which one does what the best. For example, the whip is the 2nd weapon you can unlock and it is stronger than your starting sword and has longer reach, but it has a short wind-up before it attacks. Quicker enemies can give you trouble if you are not careful.

In the middle of the first world, you will come across ghosts that cannot be harmed through normal means. To defeat them, you must use the Silver Sword which is unlocked once you get farther. You will need to come back to these levels if you want the critter star.

Get the heart upgrades and potions!

As you progress through the game, the dungeons get longer and more complex, so you will need all the help you can get. You can buy heart upgrades that increase the maximum amount of hearts you have, and they cost 20 stars each. There are two of them available, so try to buy them as soon as you can.

In addition to that, you can also buy Heart Potions sitting on the top shelf. The first one costs 8 stars, and it restores two hearts. You can only use it once per dungeon, so make it count. You can purchase a better potion later on as you progress through the game.

Keep keys with you and ditch them when necessary!

You may come across dungeons that have locked doors in them. In order to open them, you must carry a key with you that is found somewhere in the dungeon to the door. The problem is that you cannot use your weapon when you are holding an object.

You can always just throw it, and this will actually knockback enemies. If you need to fight, quickly throw the key where it will be safe and dispatch the enemies before you pick the key up again.

Take your time and explore safely!

It bears repeating that you should not attempt to get the third star on a dungeon until you know the layout like the back of your hand! Rushing through dungeons is a quick way to get killed, especially if you have not bought any heart upgrades yet.

Around dungeon 1-20, you will start encountering very dense dungeons that have multiple floors. Since you probably only have around maybe 4 hearts max at this point in the game, you need to be very careful.

It should be noted that if you find a checkpoint in the middle of a dungeon, it will save your exact state; this means that if you are at 1 heart when you activate the checkpoint, you will restart from there with 1 heart. Be careful!

Look for hidden passageways!

One of the early dungeons will teach you that the dungeon map shows the entire layout of the dungeon, including hidden passageways. Be sure to refer to it often if you are looking for alternate routes around the dungeon.

Also, you can usually differentiate a hidden passageway from a normal wall by the coloration. Hidden passages will usually have a pale, gray tone compared to the rest of the environment. Be careful – some hidden passages will lead into traps, so stay vigilant!

Prepare yourself for boss battles!

If you are having trouble with a boss battle, make sure that you are thoroughly prepared. Get any heart upgrades if you can and grab the healing potions to give you a boost during the battle – this is very important!

Make sure you are using the best weapon for the job, which is not always your strongest weapon! By the time you get to the giant bat boss, you will have access to the silver sword. The whip works far better on him thanks to its range and extended hitbox.

Keep in mind that sometimes the boss chambers have side objectives as well. Using the giant bat as another example, there are regular bat critters that hang out on the top side of the lair. Be sure to take them out before you destroy the giant bat, otherwise you will not get the 2nd star.

That would be, for now, our guide on Cracked Crusaders. If you have any other tips or tricks on surviving the dungeons, please let us know in the comments below!

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Cracked Crusaders Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Survive the Dungeons

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