Ready for a change of pace? Crack Attack! is a match-3 puzzle game with a twist on the tried and true formula: you match things in a certain order and distance gets you the most points! We’re here to help you score high with our Crack Attack! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Make straight lines for bonus points!

Although this seems counter-intuitive to the main mechanic of cracking eggs, if you match all your required eggs in a straight line with no spaces in between, you’ll get a straight line bonus. These bonuses are usually worth around 2,000 or so points, and they don’t come often, so if you see the opportunity to match one go for it! Otherwise…

2. If you have no objective, always go for long chains!

As demonstrated in the tutorial, the longer your egg chains are, the more points you’ll earn. Take your time when planning your route, because once you tap an egg, there is no way to deselect it. Double check your plan and make sure you are committed to your route!

3. Prioritize your objective before you go for long chains!

The later levels will introduce ice and diamonds. Ice functions exactly like any other “back panel” in match-3 puzzle games. In order to break them you need to crack an egg that is on top of it. Diamonds work like the cherries in Candy Crush Saga: you must drop them to the bottom of the board in order to collect them. Now, these objectives might mean that you’ll have to reduce your chain lengths in order to complete all your objectives. This is fine, because your score won’t matter if you can’t pass the stage!

4. Don’t waste the striped eggs!

In the levels with multiple stages, the boards will often be small and have a lot of empty spaces between them. Before you complete the objective, be sure to include any striped eggs laying around in your final chain. Unlike a level clear, the game does not automatically crack all the striped eggs, so you’re essentially letting free points going to waste if you don’t crack them!

5. Aim for board clears!

It’s extremely tricky, but if you manage to clear the entire board in one turn you’ll get a board clear bonus, which is worth a whopping 5,000 points! This is doable if you have a lot of striped eggs sitting around, coupled with a small board. Study the board clearly, make sure your egg sequence is in your favor, and use a booster if you absolutely need to.

Got any other tips or strategies to share? Feel free to comment below!

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