Festivals are kind of special events in Coral Island that take place on a specific day under a particular theme. These events significantly foster relationships with new and known Townies, help you obtain exclusive furniture and other items, gives you access to certain mini-games, and much more. And since they are easy to miss out, we are here with our handy guide on Coral Island Festival special events and how to trigger them. 

Coral Island All Festivals Special Events and How to Trigger Them

When writing this guide, Coral Island offers around eight festivals, two taking place each in each season. Taking part in these Festival special events is entirely optional. 

But suppose you don’t want to miss out on chances to experience some of the most fun mini-games, getting hands-on festival-exclusive furniture, other items, and other such things. In that case, we recommend you to go to the Festival location within 2 hours of its start time to make sure you don’t miss it. 

That being said, here are all festivals, along with details on how to trigger them in Coral Island:

Spring Festivals

  • Cherry Blossom
    • How to trigger – Reach the 10th day of Spring. 
  • Earth Celebration Festival [Not yet available]
    • How to trigger – Reach the 21st day of Spring. 

Summer Festivals

  • Disco in color day
    • How to trigger – Reach the 12th day of Summer. 
  • Beach Cleanup Day [Start time: 09:00 – 14:00]
    • How to trigger – Reach the 27th day of Summer. 

Autumn Festivals

  • Mooncake Festival
    • How to trigger – Reach the 15th day of Autumn. 
  • Pet Day
    • How to trigger – Reach the 28th day of Autumn. 

Winter Festivals

  • Winter Festival
    • How to trigger – Reach the 21st day of Winter. 
  • New Year’s Eve Feast
    • How to trigger – Reach the 28th day of Winter. 

That is it. Now you know about all Festivals and how to trigger them in Coral Island. While you are here, check out these other guides on the game:

Coral Island is a farming simulation game available in early access on PC and planned for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. 

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Coral Island Festivals Special Events And How To Trigger Them


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