Cooped Up Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Cooped Up is another unique game from the creative minds at Nitrome. In this game, you play as the latest addition to an exotic bird sanctuary. The other birds have been cooped up for a bit too long, and now they’re setting their sights on you! Jump up and away in this simple one touch game. We’ll help you reach the outer limits of the sanctuary with our Cooped Up cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t rush!

Whenever you make a jump, the camera needs about a split second to scroll up. Be sure to give it this time as you won’t know what you’re jumping into if you rush your jumps! This will also let you calculate when to jump, depending on what type of bird is in the way on the next perch. Just keep in mind that you can’t stay still for too long, as the gigantic flock of crazy birds are slowly rising from the depths.

2. Watch out for the birds!

The birds who have been cooped up for a little… too long are your main obstacles. They come in multiple types.

  • Standard birds are the same size as you and either will be completely still or moving around before they see you. No matter what they’re doing, once you land on the same perch as them, they will immediately turn and start shuffling towards you. They’re easy to avoid, just make sure your jump is clear.
  • Fat birds behave exactly like the standard birds, except they’re a little slow. With all that extra mass, they have to bounce their whole bodies to get to you! While they aren’t much of a threat when you’re on the same perch as them, they can be a nuisance on perches above you due to their width. Be sure to angle your shots correctly so that you clear around them!
  • Dash birds are tricky birds. They will hang on the far right or left side of the perch, peak out for a second, then dash across the perch to the other side. Keep an eye on them and only take your jump after they’ve dashed. Take your jump quick because they will come right back around!
  • Flying birds are static birds only seen near branches. These birds will not actively chase you; instead, they will just fly back and forth in a fixed pattern. Easy to avoid!
  • Chaser birds are aggressive birds that will stop at nothing to get to you. You can tell them from the other birds as their eyes are extra bulgy! Once you land on the same perch as these birds, they will run full stop at you. Don’t assume you’re safe once you jump to the next perch, as they will jump right behind you! You have to be extra fast when dealing with these birds, as if you manage to pull ahead far enough they’ll stop chasing.

3. Use small hops to reposition!

Missed a bug? Need to adjust your position? Use small hops! You can control the trajectory and strength of your jump by moving your finger around. If you want to stay on the same perch, only pull back a little bit. This is important to do sometimes as it’ll give you a more advantageous position or net you a nice juicy bug.

4. Bugs bugs bugs!

If it’s safe to do, grab as many bugs as you can. When you fill up the star meter all the way, you’ll get a free 10 perch boost. While this is all nice and dandy, it’s not worth it to risk your life if a bug is too much out of the way.

5. Keep an eye out for the golden bug!

If you see a floating golden ball, grab it if you can! These mysterious shining bugs grant you a revive should you collide with any obstacle. However, they are very rare, and you won’t start seeing them until you reach around the 50 perch mark.

Don’t let the other birds get you down! Keep trying until you make it far! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, please tell us in the comments below! Happy jumping!

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Cooped Up Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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