Let us introduce Wind Archer Cookie from the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak! It is a Legendary Cookie. This warrior is a fan of archery and uses it to strike down fallen spirits. By doing this, he earns points. We couldn’t help mentioning the gifts that Wind Archer Cookie likes. They are Pale Leaf and Solid Black Sugar Crystal. And vice versa, the ones that he dislikes are Broken Key Fragment and Millennial Tree tears. Are you in search of this unique character? Keep reading this article to find out how to get Wind Archer Cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak.

​How to Obtain Wind Archer Cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

So, you love playing Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and found out about Wind Archer Cookie. Do you want to unlock it? Then here is our advice: you will first need to reach Champion’s League, and only after that the amazing warrior will be unlocked!

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The special power of this character is Wind Dash. So, for the first, you will need to shoot. Utilize the Slide button, and this way, you will strike the fallen spirits. They will fade away. Nevertheless, some Wind Spirit Jellies will appear. To trigger Wind Dash, please hit some amount of fallen spirits. Level Up for obtaining more points for Wind Spirit Jellies. With a Magic Candy, Wind Archer Cookie will use just one arrow to hit all the fallen spirits that can be seen. Also, you will notice dark spirits. They require three hits and will shrink each time you hit them. 

Now you know how to obtain Wind Archer Cookie in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. Reach the Champion’s league and get the desired warrior!

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