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Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update: Everything We Know So Far

Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update: Everything We Know So Far
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is bringing a wintery update to the game this November. There will be new Cookies, new features, and a frosty team of Elementals so get your scarf and gloves on and join in! The update will also bring a frozen season of Super Mayhem for the PvP mode. Find out more below!

What is in Super Mayhem Season: Frozen Domain?

The Winter update arrives on November 18, 2021, and brings a new season of the PvP feature, Super Mayhem. Super Mayhem: Frozen Domain will have 2 types of new allies called Snow Elementals who join the Cookies in battle. Young Snow Elementals will join teams 1 and 2, while Snow Elemental Golems join team 3.

Young Snow Elementals will attack enemies with the highest defense stat and deal damage equal to the opponent’s maximum health points. Every 4th attack they deal increases their attack speed for 4 seconds.

(via Devsisters)

Snow Elemental Golems deal area damage equal to a percentage of the enemy’s max health points. This attack is dealt to whichever opponent has the highest attack stat. The golems also use their skill to stun the enemy for 1 second.

(via Devsisters)

The new season of Super Mayhem will also now include Guild Rankings. Players will receive extra rewards for their guild based on the number of trophies earned.

There will also be an opponent list refresh cooldown reduction (30 minutes down to 10 minutes) for players who purchase the Kingdom Pass.

Who are the New Cookies in the Winter Update?

We welcome 2 new Cookies in the update: Frost Queen Cookie and Cotton Cookie.

Frost Queen Cookie

Frost Queen Cookie via Devsisters

Frost Queen Cookie is a Magic Cookie with a special skill ‘Freezing Squall.’ Freezing Squall calls upon freezing energy to freeze enemies and deal damage. When enemies are frozen, their cooldown is paused unless the debuff is dispelled, and they receive extra damage once thawed. The debuff cannot be applied to those with freezing immunity or others resistant to these types of effects.

Cotton Cookie

Cotton Cookie via Devsisters

Cotton Cookie is a Support Cookie with a special skill ‘A Warm Light.’ A Warm Light restores allies’ health points and increases any summoned allied creatures’ attack. Cotton Cookie can also summon sheep to charge at the enemy, stun them, and deal area damage.

What are Time Jumpers in the Winter Update?

There is a new item coming in the Winter update: Time Jumpers. Time Jumpers can instantly clear a battle that a player has already completed so a player can receive the reward without playing it again.

To obtain Time Jumpers, players must first clear stage 4-1 of the World Exploration story and have already received 3 stars in the stage they want to Time Jump. Time Jumpers can be used in World Exploration (story or dark), Daily Bounties, Tower of Sweet Chaos, and Tropical Soda Islands.

There will also be a host of other little changes and updates to in-game features such as Toppings, team builds, trophies, and soulstone availability. There will also be a new decor theme of ‘Cozy Snowfall Village’ and 5 new decor additions in the ‘Atlas of Trees’ theme. Check out the full update details in ‘News’ when you open Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available to play on iOS and Android.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update: Everything We Know So Far


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