Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game where you need to develop your kingdom and train your squad. There are plenty of different challenges your Cookies will need to overcome, and today we are going to tell you about one of them. This guide will explain to you the basics of Today’s Bounties in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Today’s Bounties (Daily Quests) in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Today’s Bounties in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an in-game activity that allows you to get some Coins, EXP, and Skill Powder. In order to obtain these, you will need to complete special daily bounties which are going to ask you to kill one of nine bosses. You can set and check the weekly boss rotation in the Daily Rewards menu.

All Today’s Bounties bosses have 10 levels in total. You will be able to start from level 1 and unlock the next levels by defeating them one by one. The higher the boss’s level, the bigger the reward. In the beginning, you will start with three attempts to complete a bounty per day. These will be decreased only if the boss is defeated, so don’t be afraid of losing. If you have Kingdom Pass, then it will grant you two additional attempts. When you run out of them, you can also buy an additional three with 300 Crystals.

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Today’s Bounties have a daily bonus rotation for your Cookies’ stats. This means that random three classes of your characters will get some Attack, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage bonuses. These classes will be different for each boss and rotate with them.

These bounties are a good way to collect some Skill Powder, but you need to do this really often and waste all your attempts. Also, the amount of powder you can get is bigger on Fridays and Saturdays, while on Sundays you will get all types of Skill Powder but in smaller amounts.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Today’s Bounties (Daily Quests) Guide


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