Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem Mode Contest: Everything you Need to Know

Have you heard of the cool contest taking part these days? It is called Super Mayhem. It started on the eighth of October and will last till the seventeenth of November 2021. The players of Cookie Run Kingdom are welcomed to take part in it, creating a set of three teams of Cookies doing their best to gather as many Trophies as they can to reach the highest ranks and achieve great rewards. Let us tell you more about this exciting contest!

​Everything about Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem Mode Contest

Once the teams are created, they will enter the battle in the order a player has chosen and fight till they defeat all the other enemies.

For a team to take part in the contest, Mayhem Tickets are needed. One needs to replenish them at a rate of 1 every 60 minutes. Keep in mind that the maximum quantity of tickets you can hold at a time is eight. Still, there is a possibility to refill them up to 3x per day. The price for this is three hundred Crystals.

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Once a team wins, their skills will be put on complete cooldown, and the treasures will be fully reset (if the Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather was used, this one would not be reset). Moreover, the winners will get an HP shield equal to 20% of their maximum HP for 10 seconds. Also, here is the list of what will also be reset:

  • Buffs.
  • Transformations.
  • Debuffs.
  • Summoned creatures.

Everyone, who wants to participate in the contest, has the chance of getting some medals and crystals. We wish good luck to everyone taking part in the Cookie Run Kingdom Super Mayhem Mode Contest!

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