Cookie Jam is a puzzle game currently available on the App Store that’s not too different from several other puzzle games. The game feels like the child of Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga, since the gameplay experience takes elements from both games.

In Cookie Jam you will have to fill certain orders by collection specifc amounts of cookies and candies, while trying to avoid obstacles popping all around.

The game is not a hard game at all, since the gameplay experience is easy to understand. Still, if you’re just starting out, you may want to check out the following helpful tips and tricks for the game.

  • Free Lives

This trick is a quite obvious one that works with a lot of other games. If you get short on lives, you can simply change your device’s clock. Every half an hour will get you one life so change the settings accordingly. Once you have obtained the needed extra lives, you can set back the clock to the actual hour.

Another way to get extra lives is to have friends playing the game and trade lives with them. It’s definitely not as convenient as the time trick, but this also gets the job done if you do not want to mess with the clock every time you need lives.

  • Special Cookies

Right after starting the game, you’ll probably focus on getting the cookies you need for filling the orders and ignore everything else. This is actually a very bad way to do things, since you will be missing all the special cookies, which are actually quite helpful in getting some really high scores.

Using them is also very important in completing each stage and get the three stars and really high scores. Start paying attention to everything that goes on during the game and you will be successful.


  1. Another and I think easier way to get additional lives in both candy crush and Cookie Jam is just sign into Facebook in both cases and then simply delete the app then re-download and sign into Facebook again and your back where you were at your previous level with five ‘New lives. In the case of candy jam you get five new lives and enough coins for ten extra moves. This works on my I phone but not my PC lap top.

  2. It keeps saying my lives have been returned but there are none. Havent had any since my first time playing. Can you help me? Love this game but i need lives!


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