A serious predicament has befallen a sleepy little island: the local island plumber has mysteriously vanished, and now the residents are without water! You have come to the island to aid these helpless citizens, and it is up to you to get the water running again in Pipe Push Paradise!

At its core, Pipe Push Paradise is a tile-based top-down puzzle game where you must – you guessed it – push pipes around in order to redirect the water supply. Players will need to push, flip, and roll pipes around in puzzling layouts.

You will need to think outside of the box to solve some of these puzzles! They may look simple enough, but these pipe layouts will demand critical thinking in order to be solved. Each layout has a new idea to work around, and new mechanics introduced along the adventure will keep the piping fresh.

With its simple yet charming art style and a relaxing soundtrack, Pipe Push Paradise is the perfect fit for any puzzle game fan who is looking for a real challenge. The game is available now for 3.99 USD on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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