Conquest Age is an interesting 2D role playing game developed by Marvelous Game. The game is inspired by classic role playing games in its presentation, with battles against monsters shown with a side view.

The old school influence is quite strong in other gameplay elements, as players will be able to customize equipment and abilities, gather loot from battlefields and more. Just what you’d expect from a role playing game.

If you’re having trouble with the game or simply want to learn more about its mechanics you’d better follow our guide for the game. There’s nothing too complicated about this game, that’s for sure, but knowing about its mechanics will make you enjoy it more than before.

  • Available Characters

Before starting the game you will have to choose between three different classes, each one with its strengths and weaknesses. To tell the truth the differences are not so big that you will have to approach battles differently from class to class. The weapons and abilities’ differences are there, that’s for sure, but they’re not determinant at all. Simply choose who you like best and proceed through the game.

  • Battle System Tips

The game’s battle system is not too different than the one found in many other games. You are able to attack enemies, defend or block. Knowing when to block and dodge is really important to win battles without too many problems.

You’ll know what to block or evade when an exclamation mark appears on the enemy. By blocking you’ll reduce damage without wasting stamina while dodging will make you evade the attack while dealing damage. The evasion command uses stamina just like the attack one, so make sure you have enough before attempting to evade an attack.

Once you have dealt enough damage to the enemy, you will be able to unleash a very powerful attack. Make sure to use it to finish your enemy as soon as possible.

Performing well in battle is advised at all times, as you will be ranked at the end of each one. Getting the best possible rank will let you get more money, better items and health regeneration.

The game doesn’t do very good job in explaining which factors determine the final rank. While it may seem strange, battle completion time doesn’t influence the rank. Make sure to avoid getting damage as much as possible, avoiding attacks that can be avoided and blocking special attacks.

  • Upgrades

When upgrading proficiencies, you might notice that certain abilities will require others to be at a certain levels. Unexperienced gamers may prefer to get a higher number of abilities instead of more powerful ones. This will damage you in the long run, as the more powerful ones are really good and will be quite helpful during the course of the game.



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