So, you want to be the manager of your own comic book convention? That’s exactly what Con Man: The Game gives you the chance to do, all while throwing in the mix some of the characters in the show. And we’re here to help make the experience even better by sharing with you a bunch of Con Man: The Game cheats, tips and strategies. Because, as you will see, life as a comic book convention manager is not easy.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Con Man: The Game tips and cheats below!


1. Build as much as possible
I was reluctant at first to build too many booths, but that’s exactly what you should do in order to maximize profits. Don’t wait for the new ones to unlock: build what you can and demolish them later if you need extra space. Try to always build the booths that give you most profits and remember that the way you place them doesn’t affect sales.

2. Have enough trash cans and toilets
As you grow, you will need more trash cans and toilets, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Again, their placement doesn’t seem to matter, but I saw that if you place the trash cans away from the crowds, you’ll have less people complaining when they are full.

3. Instruct people to do stuff when you leave
It is as if the game has a nose for it: as soon as I have my guard stay at the door for 5 minutes, the old lady strikes. Therefore, the best thing to do in order to get all the bonuses is to instruct your staff perform actions right before you quit playing. This way, you will collect the rewards when you get back and there will be no negative effects from events like the old lady.

The same method of leaving the game in order to prevent being forced to spend premium currency is when your Superhero(es) get low on health. As soon as their health is critical, leave the game and return later to have them at full health. The more time you spend in-game, the more aliens will attack and you will have to fight them. However, don’t expect to always do it on full health: you can still win battles easily even when at around 30% health left because the game will give you heart boosts during the fights.

4. It’s better to spend more time in the game
Despite all that I said above, if you’re looking to make some quick money in the game, there’s no other easier way than to actually spend time in-game, collecting the rewards. If you come, collect, leave and come back later it will take a lot longer to actually get some real dough for your classy comic con.

5. Get all the bonuses
Don’t forget to use all the bonuses that the game offers every now and then: from the option to throw that rad nerdy party for extra XP and coins, to collecting the bags (after 4, the 5th is a premium one!) and everything in between. Keep track of the timers and log in often in order to maximize your rewards in the game and progress faster than everybody else.

In the end, simply playing the game and being very active is what you should do in order to progress quickly and unlock everything. But if you have other tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us below.



  1. Hi – I didn’t get how to combat… My Superfans don’t react like I thought they would, and I don’t manage to shield them, use the crowd thing, the flashes, etc. Any.tip on that? Thank you :-)

    • I had a hard time with the combat mechanics too until I found this battle tutorial on Vimeo where Alan Tudyk explains the three key moves. Helped me a ton!

    • Yes, the Alan Tudyk tutorial helps a lot! I also noticed that the aliens yell whenever shields come up. I use my right thumb to tap all the thunderbolts and hearts I can, and keep my left thumb poised over my superfans so I can tap the shields when necessary. I don’t bother dragging my Superfans to the aliens. It seems more effective to wait for the central charging pad to light up, and drag it to my most healthy Superfan to automatically send him/her into battle.

  2. I have a sick guy wandering around puking. The game said to find his pissing pills, which I did (4/4), but what do I do next? I can’t select the sick guy or the pills shown in upper right. He’s keeping my staff busy cleaning up, and dropping my guests’ ratings.

    • OK, I killed the app and started it up again. The sick guy was gone, and all his puke. Problem solved.

      Here’s a tip: you can speed up a task near the end without using a comix. This is particularly helpful when the maintenance guy is emptying a trash can, which starts out at 2 comix to finish early. If he’s more than halfway done, you can make him finish for 0 comix. If you have another trash can waiting, better to do that than use the temp who is only good for 5 tasks.

  3. I’m at level 18 with about a dozen booths, one VIP spot and a SciFi booth. I also have 25 medium sized trash cans, and the attendees will not stop griping about the lack of garbage cans. Mine are spread all about and I can’t fathom that I really need to have that many cans, anyone else had this happen?

    • If you click on the level icon on the upper left, it will show you the relative happiness for the categories (food, bathroom, and trash cans), that can tell you if you truly need more of them. If you have a green happy face there, then it really is location location location. You can try to empty out a corner of the con, or two, and shove trash cans in it, and then not put your sales booths or ‘tourist attractions’ near them. Of course, people do go to food booths so it can be hard to have that separation, but it may help.

    • I am level 21 and I only have 4 medium trash cans. I think it is more about placement. Put them at the far corners, away from the majority of your guests, so they complain less when the get full.

  4. I keep getting messages that I need to move booths because they are blocking the exits. I keep moving things around so that there is space between everything but the happiness level keeps plummeting and it is very unclear to me what the problem is. Any suggestions?

  5. Does anyone know if tapping the $ and XPs that pop up after tapping a checkmark increase the value? I was tapping them all when I first started playing, and there are sound effects and numbers indicating how much money/experience I got. Now I have so many booths that I prefer to just tap the checkmarks and let the $ and XPs fly up on their own, but would hate to miss out on bonus $/XP if that’s what tapping them does.

  6. Also best way to get con bags;

    When you login and everything is rdy to be collected, hire VIP Jack Moore for the extra reward bonus. Always save ur comics to hire him.

  7. So question about one of the quest. There is one that says squash garbage Critters. I have yet to ever see any kind of garbage Critters. Where do they come from?

    • You get them randomly from con-bags. Sometimes completing “hidden” objectives will open some up but for the most part, you are only going to get them from con-bags.


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